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Wytch Pycknyck’s Debut Album: A Psychedelic Journey Through Lo-Fi Rock

The first thing that strikes you about this debut from Hastings “lo-fi, Stoner, Psychedelic, Garage” rockers Wytch Pycknyck is the cover. It’s reminiscent of those vintage ‘Tales from the Crypt’ comic books, mixed with something The Cramps would have used, and it’s perfect for what we find inside.

The music is a real mash up, and Wytch Pycknyck’s influences can be found all over this record.

Opener ‘Rawkuss’ is a powerhouse of a tune, with a guitar riff from Ewan Fitzgerald that reminds us of Pantera’s ‘Cowboys From Hell’. ‘Creepin Jesus’ sees Malt Jones’ screaming vocals on top of a psychedelic swirling noise before changing gear into a fast, driving piece of rock with some fantastic guitar licks and solos. ‘Magical Revenge’ starts with atmospheric, almost goth-like synths and guitar before the bass of Bonj comes in. The track builds to a crescendo with more screaming guitar solos and passionate vocals.

There’s another shift with ‘Gravity Lies’. You could be forgiven for thinking the bass intro was from The Cure. It’s soon joined by some sci-fi-like spoken word about aliens and other dimensions. The vocal effect and the tone of voice reminded us of The Central Scrutiniser from Zappa’s ‘Joe’s Garage’. The singing comes in slow and pleading before the guitars and Sam Davies’ drums kick in, themselves giving way to more of that spoken word. This epic (almost 7 minute) track ebbs and flows before a frantic, Iron Maiden-inspired ending.

‘Fire Breathing Dragon’ sees us back in the Metal realm with another nod to Pantera and an even longer (7 and a half minutes!) banger.

‘Columbo No.5’ is a short, sharp dose of punk straight out of the Danmed songbook.

Album closer ‘Frostbite’ is an 8-and-a-half-minute, sprawling musical cacophony. It starts with a rap that’s less Beastie Boys and more Goldie Looking Chain before shifting to psychedelia with echoes of Hawkwind and finishing with some superb Nu-Metal riffs and vocals.

All this might sound like a weird mixture. A melting pot of musical styles that shouldn’t work together, but somehow do. Wytch Pycknyck sound exactly like their album cover looks, and we absolutely love it. We would love to see them live, and you can if you’re in the Hastings area this Saturday (29th June) where they will be launching the album at The Jenny Lind. Details are here:

Following that they will be at Daltons, Brighton on 12th July along with The Lunar Effect, Skinny Milk and GNOB.

Wytch Pycknyck’s Debut Album: A Psychedelic Journey Through Lo-Fi Rock @ RockNews RockNewsUS

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