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Stonedead Festival 2023: Rocking Onward and Upward – Gig review

Stonedead Festival

Stonedead Festival 2023: Rocking Onward and Upward

Well this was our first Stonedead but it won’t be our last, this has to be the one of the friendliest festivals I have ever attended, everyone involved makes sure you have a great experience. What’s incredible is their ability to bring in top-tier bands while maintaining an affordable ticket price.. Remarkably, the weather, which can be unpredictable for outdoor events, graced Stonedead once more, with only a scattering of light showers.

Stonedead Festival is forged from the flames of “Monsters of Rock”. The 2023 edition, held on August 26th, upheld the festival’s reputation for curating a lineup that bridges the gap between established legends and rising stars, while cultivating an intimate and community-driven atmosphere. Building on the legacy of last year’s success, Stonedead Festival continues to embody the very essence of rock camaraderie.


Set the tone with a blazing performance that roused the early birds from their slumber well us anyway. Angelo’s dynamic stage presence and remarkable energy leaves an indelible impression, leaving us eagerly counting down the days until the release of their upcoming album next year.


Hailing all the way from Canada, Deraps took center stage and treated us to a dazzling display of 80’s rock infused with Van Halen inspiration. Undoubtedly, this performance stands as one of the highlights of the day (and a significant one at that). The sheer talent exhibited by these musicians is nothing short of astounding, making their on-stage prowess appear utterly effortless.

It’s reminiscent of the time when Greta Van Fleet burst onto the scene, initially dismissed by some as a Led Zeppelin cover band, only to skyrocket into becoming one of the music industry’s giants. In a similar vein, Deraps embodies that same potential, with Van Halen’s influence coursing through their veins. Without a doubt, this band demands our attention; they’re poised for a remarkable journey ahead. Keep a keen eye on them, as their trajectory is undoubtedly headed towards great success.

The only thing that could out stage this band is a low level fly past by a Lancaster.

Stonedead Festival

Florence Black

Florence Black jumped in last minute to replace Mason Hill who had to drop out due to illness, they didn’t disappoint adding their own style to the day’s lineup.

King King

These guys consistently hits the mark with their performances. Despite having watched them numerous times, their shows remain endlessly engaging. They took the energy up a notch and treating us to a generous portion of timeless blues rock.

The Answer

According to Cormac, this marked the initial stage of the Irish invasion, even though drummer James hails from nearby Derby. Cormac and the rest of the band kept the audience thoroughly entertained, delivering a setlist filled with crowd favorites. The standout moment arrived when Cormac ventured into the crowd, prompting everyone to crouch down on the floor—an endeavor easier said than done as age catches up with you, the jumping was even harder.


Continuing the Irish invasion, Therapy? brought a dose of rock with a distinct harder edge to the stage.

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders delivered a stunning performance, with Ricky Warwick at the pinnacle of his form. Sam Wood once again showcased why he’s among the top guitarists in the circuit. While we missed seeing Scott this time, the silver lining came in the form of a guest appearance by Andy Cairns.

Blue Oyster Cult

As twilight descended upon the arena, the atmosphere was charged with excitement in anticipation of the legendary Blue Öyster Cult. The crowd was in for a true masterclass in rock craftsmanship, as the band delivered a performance filled with timeless classics and an electrifying stage presence. It was a powerful reminder of why Blue Öyster Cult continues to stand as an iconic and influential force within the genre.

In a landscape dotted with various festivals, Stonedead stands as a testament to the enduring power of rock and the unbreakable bonds it forges. With its unpretentious charm, memorable performances, and commitment to authenticity, Stonedead Festival is a cherished rock pilgrimage that leaves attendees already counting down the days until the next gathering. Tickets for 2024 are on sale now, I would not wait, this will sell out and for good reason.


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