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The Night Nottingham Rocked with The Struts – Rock City Gig review.

The Struts

Nottingham Rock City was set ablaze with electrifying energy as The Struts, the hometown heroes of Derby, took the stage in a triumphant display of rock ‘n’ roll prowess. Amidst a backdrop of flashing lights and eager fans, the band, formed just down the road in Derby back in 2012, proved unequivocally that rock is far from dead.

From the moment the opening chords of “Dirty Sexy Money” reverberated through the venue, it was clear that The Struts were here to deliver a night of unadulterated rock ecstasy. Luke Spiller, the band’s enigmatic frontman, exhibited a stage presence reminiscent of rock legends like Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, and Steven Tyler.

The Struts

As the show erupted into an unrelenting stream of hits including “Body Talks,” “Fallin’ With Me,” and the fresh “Too Good at Raising Hell,” there was no respite. Spiller, a master of stagecraft, danced, strutted, and leaped across the stage, igniting the crowd to wave and clap in tandem. Adam Slack and Jed Elliott, on guitar and bass respectively, matched the energy step for step, crisscrossing the stage with boundless enthusiasm.

The crowd’s connection with the band was palpable as they seamlessly transitioned from one song to the next, taking the audience on a sonic journey that blurred the line between performer and fan. Moments of interaction, like Spiller’s call-and-response with the crowd during “Kiss This,” created an intimate atmosphere despite the venue’s bustling energy. The balcony’s occupants were not left out, as Spiller’s engagement reached every corner of the venue.

The Struts

A highlight of the night arrived as Spiller took his place at the piano, promising that the best was yet to come. The crowd’s voices melded into a harmonious chorus as the sing-along magic of “One Night Only” filled the air. Meanwhile, Slack and Elliott seized the front of the stage, rallying the audience’s fervor with skillful interaction.

The setlist evolved like a perfectly orchestrated symphony, weaving between anthems like “Mary Go Round,” the crowd-favorite “Primadonna Like Me,” and the soulful resonance of “Where Did She Go.” The charismatic Spiller guided the audience’s energy like a maestro, directing hands skyward during “Where Did She Go,” creating an electric connection between stage and seats.

Adam proved, that the guitar solo is very much alive and kicking while bring out his inner Angus.

The Struts

As the night’s end approached, Spiller returned to the stage for an encore, drawing cheers and applause that resonated through the venue. His solo rendition of “Fire (Part 1)” offered an intimate moment of reflection, cell phones illuminating the darkened arena in a breathtaking display of unity.

The grand finale arrived with “Could Have Been Me,” the crowd’s voices joining The Struts in one final explosion of sound. Singing, dancing, hands held high – the audience gave their all, proving that rock’s heart still beats vibrantly.

In conclusion, The Struts’ homecoming performance at Nottingham Rock City was an undeniable spectacle, a testament to the enduring power of rock music and the charisma of its performers. Spiller and his bandmates flawlessly delivered a night of unbridled energy, leaving no doubt that The Struts are a force to be reckoned with. For those who haven’t yet experienced their electric stage presence, make no mistake: The Struts’ live show is an exhilarating journey that will ignite your love for rock ‘n’ roll anew. Until the next show, keep rocking!

The Struts gig review - Rock City Nottingham. The best live band you will ever see.
The Night Nottingham Rocked with The Struts – Rock City Gig review.

The Struts Rock City Setlist

  1. Dirty Sexy Money
  2. Body Talks
  3. Fallin’ With Me
  4. Too Good at Raising Hell
  5. Kiss This
  6. Primadonna Like Me
  7. All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)
  8. In Love With a Camera
  9. One Night Only
  10. Mary Go Round
  11. Low Key in Love
  12. Royals(Lorde cover)
  13. Guitar Solo
  14. Wild Child
  15. Pretty Vicious
  16. I Do It So Well
  17. Where Did She Go
  18. Put Your Money on Me
  19. Encore:
  20. Fire (Part 1)(Acoustic)
  21. Could Have Been Me
  22. Only Fools And Horses Theme


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The Night Nottingham Rocked with The Struts – Rock City Gig review. @

The Struts Band members
Luke Spiller – Lead vocals
Jed Elliot – Bass
Adam Slack – Guitar
Gethin Davis – Drums

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