Dirty Honey gig review – Rock City 2022. This is the next stadium Rock Band.

Dirty Honey Download gig review - 2022.

Around two years ago I heard Dirty Honey playing on the radio. The song was ‘When I’m Gone’ and it had me hooked instantly. What really made me stop what I was doing and listen to the song was Marc LaBelle’s voice. As he worked his way through the lyrics I couldn’t help but compare his sound to that of a young Axel Rose. After doing a bit of research on the band I was amazed to found out that ‘When I’m Gone’ reached No.1 on Billboards Mainstream Rock Chart in the US and what makes this unique is ‘Dirty Honey’ were the first unsigned band to ever achieve this!! Just in case anyone thought this was a fluke they then released a second track off their self titled ‘Dirty Honey EP’ called ‘Rolling 7s’ and this made it to No. 3 in the charts. Not bad!!

Now who are ‘Dirty Honey’? They are a LA Rock Band made up of Marc LaBelle (Vocals & Hat wearing), John Notto (Guitar), Justin Smolian (Bass) and Corey Coverstone (Drums). They proclaim to be connected musicians on the LA scene with their time they spent forming and writing songs for the band. A quick internet search and you’ll find a very good podcast that tells the bands story amongst other funny anecdotes that go along with it. Personally id like to know more about the band, their influences and what’s coming next. Maybe ‘Dirty Honey’ will be up for a RockNews.co.uk interview in the near future. Maybe they will give RockNews an exclusive on the next album title? Talking of which, to date ‘Dirty Honey’ have released an EP and Album both titled ‘Dirty Honey’. The EP has 5 tracks and the album has 8. Whilst this may not sound a lot for an album, its 30 minuets of solid melodic, bluesy hard rock music. Check it out on Spotify.

Once upon a time, there was a band that sang ‘It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll’. This isn’t the case for ‘Dirty Honey’ as they have pressed the top floor button in the express elevator to success opening for bands such as ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses’, ‘Alter Bridge’, ‘Slash’ and ‘The Who’. Tonight they are opening for ‘Rival Sons’ at the world famous venue in Nottingham, England known as ‘Rock City’. Now let’s get one thing straight from the start, this ain’t no support band this is a stadium Rock Band.

Unusually the crowd had turned up early to see the support band tonight and it was busy in front of the main stage. The intro song came on and then it was Corey’s turn to start beating his drums and Justin started encouraging the crowd to clap along as the band opened with their hard-hitting ‘Gypsy’.  The song has all 4 members of the band putting everything into their performance. You can see the enjoyment on Marc’s face as he dances around the stage looking for encouragement from the crowd. John Notto took center stage for his guitar solo allowing the crowd to snap a great photo on their iPhones. Next up were ‘Break You’ & ‘Heart Breaker’ which allowed both guitarists to show off their skills and a solid vocal performance by Marc. Next up is ‘The Wire’ which somehow has a familiar sound and vintage feel to it even though it was only released in 2021. ‘Tied Up’ which was popular with the crowd was up next. Marc and the rest of ‘Dirty Honey’ headed into the closing songs of their show performing the big hitting numbers in their arsenal. ‘California Dreamin’ is a great song that feels like it has some influence from the classic Aerosmith sound.’ Another Last Time’ is again a ‘Dirty Honey’ song only a year old that sounds like a classic the very first time you hear it. Up next is the song that started my support for the band ‘When I’m gone. Judging by the number of people singing along with Marc ‘Dirty Honey’ have a big following in Nottingham. The band’s last song is ‘Rolling 7s’ giving the audience one last chance to sing along as Marc reached his microphone out into the audience during the chorus. At one point Marc stood on the crowd barrier getting as close to the fans as he possibly could. He was joined by John and Justin in the ‘Photo Pit’ as they began to close out their set treating the front row of the crowd to their own personal show. The four members of ‘Dirty Honey’ have put on a great performance tonight and have shown the potential that will lift them to headlining stadium tours around the world. I can’t wait!!

This ain’t no support band this is a stadium Rock Band.

Dirty Honey gig review – Rock City 2022.

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Dirty Honey gig review - Rock City 2022.

I enjoyed tonight’s show, so much I didn’t want it to end. ‘Dirty Honey’ have a recognizable and classic sound to their music and lyrics that makes them easily one of the best new bands around. I’m sure the next time I see ‘Dirty Honey’ they will be headlining their own tour and treating their UK fans to a longer setlist. Just one thing guys, don’t forget to put my name on the guest list I’d hate to miss it!!

Dirty Honey gig review - Rock City 2022.
Dirty Honey gig review – Rock City 2022.

Break You
The Wire
Tied Up
California Dreaming
Another Last Time
When I’m Gone
Rolling 7s

The band have a full European tour throughout June and July 2022 to support the album release. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Wed 6th July 2022        O2 Forum, Kentish Town, London UK supporting Rival Sons

Fri 8th July 2022            Olympiastadion, Munich GERMANY supporting Guns n’ Roses

Sat 9th July 2022        Arena Zagreb, Zagreb CROATIA supporting KISS

Sun 10th July 2022        San Siro, Milan ITALY supporting Guns ‘N’ Roses

Tues 12th July 2022        TBC, Bologna ITALY

Wed 13th July 2022        Ernst Happel Stadium, Vienna AUSTRIA supporting Guns ‘N’ Roses

Thurs 14th July 2022        Budapest Arena, Budapest HUNGARY supporting KISS

Fri 15th July 2022        HDI Arena, Hannover GERMANY supporting Guns n’ Roses

For ticket info please go to https://www.dirtyhoney.com/

Dirty Honey are
Marc LaBelle/vocals
John Notto/guitars
Justin Smolian/bass
Corey Coverstone/drums.

Dirty Honey gig review – Rock City 2022. @ Rock News.

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