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The Raven Age announce a new album and tour.

Melodic metal quintet The Raven Age announce a new album and tour. The new album Exile, out now. The new album is a beautifully curated selection of songs featuring 11 tracks including two new original songs, plus fan favourites from their 2019 release Conspiracy as well as hand-picked live tracks from tours in front of massive audiences in Chile, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Order your copy here from Amazon.

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The Raven Age announce a new album and tour.

The concept for Exile is something we had been toying with for a while,” said vocalist Matt James. “We had done alternate acoustic style versions of songs before and the response was so positive it made us think about doing a whole album this way! Obviously, The Raven Age is first and foremost a metal band but due to the melodic nature of our songs they can lend themselves to this kind of treatment. We were pleasantly surprised how great so many of the songs sounded stripped back to their bare bones.”

One of the tracks that received a stripped-down makeover is ‘As The World Stood Still’. The track, a derivative on ‘The Day The World Stood Still’ from the band’s 2019 album Conspiracy, forgoes The Raven Age’s brazen bassline and drum kicks in favour of a stripped back acoustic backing. The song takes on a vulnerable new sound, showcasing a side of the metal band that isn’t often put on display.

Exile sees the introduction of two new tracks from the band, ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Wait For Me’. ‘No Man’s Land’ reflects the band’s mental state in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and the fear they – alongside so many others in the music industry – felt. ‘Wait For Me’, a velvety rock ballad, weaves a promise that despite any separation from loved ones, the ties that bind you together will bring you back eventually.

We [were] at the stage in our careers where we rely on that momentum and buzz to keep us reaching forward,” James shared, “and to have the rug pulled from underneath us left us in a state of limbo where we suddenly didn’t know if everything we’d built so far and worked so hard for was all for nothing.”

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The Raven Age announce a new album and tour.
The Raven Age announce a new album and tour.


  1. No Man’s Land
  2. Wait For Me
  3. Fireflies
  4. As The World Stood Still
  5. A Look Behind The Mask
  6. Dying Embers
  7. Hold High The Fleur De Lis
  8. Seventh Heaven (Live In Santiago)
  9. Angel In Disgrace (Live In Los Angeles)
  10. Surrogate (Live In Vancouver)
  11. Forgotten World (Live In London)
The Raven Age announce a new album and tour. @ Rock News.

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