I FEEL FINE Release a Video For New Single ‘Elemenohpea’

Following their first BBC Radio One play on Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show recently, Brighton-based punk/emo math quartet I FEEL FINE are pleased to reveal the video for their new single ‘Elemenohpea’ set for release on 3rd August 2021.

The track is the latest to be taken from their previously-announced debut album The Cold In Every Shelter, released via Venn Records on 10th September 2021.

I FEEL FINE Release a Video For New Single ‘Elemenohpea’

What do you think about Elemenohpea?

Shot and edited by the band, the video features a cake made by guitarist and vocalist Joe Kool’s mum—herself a cake artist who created the beautiful coffee and walnut cake featuring the single’s cover art printed on edible sugar paper.

In the summer of 2019 the band made a call to book some time off together and take a retreat, along with most of their gear, in an attempt to push themselves forward. They ended up in the Belgian countryside close to Namur (about an hour or so drive from Brussels) where drummer Antoine Mansion’s family home is still situated.

Commenting on the experience which informed the single, guitarist/vocalist Nathan Tompkins said: “The house sits on an ample piece of land with plenty of space, so we could set up together and make some noise, or I could just as easily take a guitar out to another far-off room alone if I wanted. I remember it being unbearably hot that week, so I’d often escape to the basement where it was nice and cool to work on bits. I compiled all of ‘Elemenohpea’ there. It’s definitely the one that I associate most with that trip.”

“The song deals with complacency and how, with trying to settle every time we feel the smallest bit comfortable, we only set ourselves up to fall behind a little further on. It’s about understanding the traps we can set just by laying idle.”

Tompkins describes how he would walk past the site of a derelict church on his old route to and from work, and across a period of maybe 12-18 months he witnessed its story change dramatically. First settlers found their way in for a while, eventually moving on after their protest out on the roof proved unconvincing. Then the big wooden boards went up as it spent the next few months in demolition, ready to be sized up for redevelopment.

The phrase ‘Elemenohpea’ was what the occupants had painted in large lettering on the brick courtyard walls.

“When the church was there you couldn’t miss it,” remembers Tompkins. “For some reason I liked that, so these metaphors from that story then sort of started working their way into my own. It gave me this idea to paint a picture of a fictional congregation in the midst of a shutdown. What scares me most about giving up a goal or losing ambition isn’t whether I’ll find a new interest to pursue, it’s if I’ll be able to muster the effort to go at it again.”

“By the way, that old church is now home to a brand-spanking-new housing complex. I think the takeaway for me from that is the reminder that time is unforgiving. It moves forward regardless of whether or not we decide to evolve with it. Sitting still and shying away from growth will only leave us in the lurch eventually, so this is my way of pushing myself to keep up with the pack.”

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I FEEL FINE will be touring the UK in support of the record on select live dates in Autumn 2021 with their friends in Watford indie/emo six piece LAKES (Big Scary Monsters) – see below for listings.

I FEEL FINE Release a Video For New Single ‘Elemenohpea’
I FEEL FINE Release a Video For New Single ‘Elemenohpea’
I FEEL FINE Release a Video For New Single ‘Elemenohpea’ @ Rock News.

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