Queen 3D


Queen 3D

Queen 3D

Queen 3D a new book by Brian May.

Brian looks back over the career of one of the world best known bands. Its available for pre order now but has a release date of May the 25th, It has a nice price tag of £50 so one for the super fans.

The book contains over 300 photos mainly taken by Brian and the majority in 3D. Obviously you will need 3D glasses to view these which thankfully come with the book.

To buy your copy CLICK HERE.


Brain May said,

“There is no ghost writer for this book. It’s just me. And we have deliberately kept the text in my voice, rather than translate it into literary prose.

In these pages I’m speaking directly to you across time, as I recall those days, and sometimes actually in the words I wrote down at the time; but also through a collection of 3-D images which will take you back there, to see it with your own eyes.”

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