Post-Apocalypto – New Tenacious D Album

Post-Apocalypto - New Tenacious D Album
Post-Apocalypto – New Tenacious D Album

The mighty Tenacious D are back with a new album “Post-Apocalypto” to be released on November the 2nd. The album will be part of a new animated series of the same name to be released on YouTube on September 28th.  As with previous Tenacious D albums Dave Grohl will be on drums. It will be available for pre order with a number of options including Green vinyl and packages including a T shirt and cap all Post-Apocalypto themed.

Jack and Kyle have also announced they are working on Pick of Destiny 2 a sequel to the now legendary film of 2006.



Post-Apocalypto Track listing

1. Post-Apocalypto theme 
2. Desolation
3. Hope
4. Cave women
5. Making love
6. Scientists
7. Take us into space
8. I’ve got to go
9. Fuck Yo-Yu Ma”
10. Reunion/not so fast
11. Daddy ding ding dong
12. Chainsaw bazooka machine gun
13. Robot
14. March
15. Turd whistle
16. Colors
17. Who’s your daddy?
18. JB JR Rap
19. Woman time
20. Save the world