New Foo Fighters video

New foo fighters video
New Foo Fighters video – The Sky Is A Neighborhood


The Foo Fighters are back with a new Stranger things inspired video for the single “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”. The song has a epic classic rock sound which is what the band are trying to achieve with the new album, Dave Grohl described it as “Motorhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that”.

The video was directed by Dave Grohl and features his daughters Violet & Harper reading the lyrics to the song while the band play on the roof. The best thing about this video is the website, if you head on over to on your mobile and click on constellations, share your location and your phone becomes a live map to the starts while the band play the track at the bottom of your screen.

New foo fighters video
New Foo Fighters video

The new track is take from the forthcoming new album Concrete and Gold to be released on the 15th of September.

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Concrete and Gold track listing. 
1 T-Shirt

2 Run

3 Make It Right

4 The Sky Is A Neighborhood

5 La Dee Da

6 Dirty Water

7 Arrows

8 Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)

9 Sunday Rain

10 The Line

11 Concrete and Gold

New foo fighters video – The Sky Is A Neighborhood’