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Electric PetsNew Music

Electric Pets Ride into the Wild West with “Out of Nowhere”: A Vintage Blend of Garage Rock and Spaghetti Western Vibes

Electric Pets, the Derby-based quartet fronted by the charismatic singer-songwriter Emma Buckley, are back with a new single that’s sure to transport listeners to the dusty plains of the Wild West. Titled “Out of Nowhere,” this latest release is a masterful fusion of vintage garage rock, surf, blues, 60s girl group pop, and the iconic “Wall of Sound” made famous by Motown.

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Evil BlizzardGig reviews

Evil Blizzard are “a singing drummer, 3 bass players, a pig on keys and a filthy guitar player”… what can go wrong…!

Hailing from Preston, these guys have been around for some years now, and apart from a couple of personnel changes have more or less remained the same lineup – Side on drums/lead vocals, Filthy Dirty on guitar/vocals, Stomper on bass, Prowler on bass, Fleshcrawl (formerly of Hawkwind) on bass (lots of bass!) and Blizz Pig on keys after switching roles from terrorising the crowd with his meat cleavers…

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Gig reviewsJesse DaytonSamantha Fish

Blues, Rock, and Soul: Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s Birmingham Night of Musical Fusion. Gig review.

As the night unfurled, an electrifying sense of anticipation filled the air. Samantha, Jesse, and their exceptionally talented band took center stage, making an unspoken promise to the eager crowd that they were in for a musical treat of epic proportions. They were about to embark on a journey through their entire album, sprinkled with a selection of tracks from last year’s Stardust Sessions EP, soulful solo performances, and unexpected cover renditions, Kicking off with a cover of MC5’s “Kick out the Jams “. What followed was nothing short of magical, a mesmerizing blend of blues, rock, country, and boogie – a true Southern-style sonic extravaganza.

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