Canadian Quartet The Beaches Ignites Outernet with Punk Energy and Killer Melodies

Now in their tenth year, Canadian quartet The Beaches gave a crowded Outernet audience a real treat on Thursday.

Formed in their early teens (under the moniker go Done With Dolls) by vocalist and bassist Jordan Miller and her sister Kylie on guitar, the line up also consists of Eliza Enman-McDaniel on drums and keyboardist / guitarist Leandra Earl.

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Dance-Punk Legends: Reliving The Prodigy’s Thrilling Night of Sonic Mastery

The Prodigy certainly know how to set a scene. As we entered the huge hall at ‘Ali Pali’ our eyes were drawn not to the stage, but to the back of the building where a giant ant was projected onto the huge round window that dominates the arena. Then to the sound desk where a gigantic hooded figure loomed over the growing crowd. We weren’t quite sure what its purpose was, but we would soon find out.

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From Plastic Sea Gulls to Raw Energy: Dumb Buoys Fishing Club’s Debut Album Unleashed.

What a fantastic venue the Lower Third is. Occupying the space that was, until 2015, the legendary 12-Bar Club on London’s iconic Denmark Street.

Considering the guitar stores that Denmark Street is most famous for, it’s odd that tonight’s act don’t use guitars, or indeed any other instrument.

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Cavalera Chaos: A Night of Relentless Heavy F**king Metal. Shepherds Bush Gig Review.

“We are Incite, and we play heavy – f**king – metal”, so stated vocalist Richie Cavalera as his band took to the Shepherds Bush stage; his words echoing Motörhead’s famous call to arms.

And play HFM they did, energising the packed Empire with a seven song set that drew from three of their six studio albums: ‘Up in Hell’ ‘Built to Destroy’ and last year’s ‘Wake Up Dead’.

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A Night of Bluesy Rock Bliss: ‘The Answer’ and ‘Kira Mac’ Rock Wolverhampton’s KKs Steel Mill. Gig Review

Last night, I had the pleasure of photographing the Northern Irish Band “The Answer” and their equally talented support act “Kira Mac” at KKs Steel Mill in Wolverhampton.

This was my first visit to the renowned KKs, and what a treat. The venue boasts a large stage, a big pit area, and the staff were welcoming and friendly.

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Rekindling the Flame: Death Cult 8323’s Triumphant Night in Nottingham. Rock City Gig Review.

The synergy between The Cult and Rock City was unmistakable, not solely rooted in their shared history at the venue, but also intertwined with Rock City’s own storied past. Once a host to the weekly Rock Night, where the iconic strains of “She Sells Sanctuary” became a Friday night ritual,.

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