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Royal Republic release new album ‘LoveCop’

Royal Republic have released their eagerly anticipated new album, LoveCop via Odyssey Music. Listen to the album here.
The band comment, “Royal Republic proudly presents our 5th studio-album LoveCop! This album summarises Royal Republic’s journey so far and is an eclectic collection of 10 songs drawing from our past, our future and present all at the same time. LoveCop says: You have the right to remain loud! So put your hands up, and dance!”

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Royal Republic don’t buy into the clichés or the dos and don’ts of rock’n’roll and across the album’s distinctive ten tracks is an unstoppable mix of rock, funk and disco flavours that doesn’t make sense until you’ve tried it.
With LoveCop, the band have captured their anthemic appeal on record, which features the recent single ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’, the rock’n’roll boogie ‘Ain’t Got Time’, the fully charged power ballad ‘Lazerlove’, and the album’s title track ‘LoveCop’, which has had great support from the likes of Kerrang Radio and Planet Rock.
Produced by Adam Grahn and Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, LoveCop is the band’s fifth studio album and sees them at their most bold, brazen and brilliant whilst effortlessly crossing genres to deliver their own brand of infectious good time rock infused power-disco.
Breaking all rock’n’roll norms since 2007, the Swedish quartet are formed of Adam Grahn (vocals), Hannes Irengård (guitar), Jonas Almén (bass) and Per Andreasson (drums).
Known as a tour-de-force in the live arena, next weekend the band will be playing the second stage at Download Festival on Sunday June 16th, where their irresistible blend of sass, riffs and puns will enthrall audiences again.

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