Gig Review: The Hot Damn! Rocks Nottingham with an Explosive Crowdfunding Event

The Hot Damn! launch Album Crowdfunder Campaign.

Saturday night see’s The Hot Damn! colourfully arrive in Nottingham for their special crowdfunding event in front of a sell-out audience. The quartet are performing their first show of “The Everything Brighter Than Everything Else Tour 23” on the stage of the Chapel music venue at the Angel Microbrewery.

Arriving on stage to a fanfare of party blowers The Hot Damn! take up their positions. Dressed in fluorescent suits they kick the show off with “Fizz Buzz Crush”. Following up the opener with “Dance Around” see’s the release of balloons for the audience to volley around as they sing along. The instrumental has the three guitarists together in the middle of the stage with Laurie and Lzi lifting their instruments into the air as they play. Abruptly the music stops, a package is thrown out to the crowd for an impromptu game of pass the parcel! As the music stops and starts prizes are revealed which includes socks and a Hot Damn! hat. As the last layer is removed lead singer Gill proclaims, “congratulations it’s a dildo…”. Well, it is a party after all!

Playing a couple of new songs “Can You Hear Me Now” and the heavier sounding “Automatic” which both were well received by the crowd. The gig now gaining momentum and the heat in the venue is rising. Gill suggests “It’s not a good idea to wear polyester, going to have to ban it after tonight”. 

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It was difficult to see drummer Josie at the back of the stage. She does make sure she is heard as she bashes away at her kit providing the beat to the songs. A bit of Vegas was brought to the Chapel as the trio of guitarist perform some synchronised high kicks whilst playing “Loud And Clear”. 

Scott Fort Eyy!

The band perform a thank you song for an audience member who has travelled 5000 miles to be at the gig. As the quartet play their tribute to Scott the rest of the crowd are waving their arms and cheering. At the end of the song Gill, Laurie and Lzi turn over their guitars to reveal Scott’s name on the back formed out of coloured masking tape making a memory I’m sure he won’t forget.

The Hot Damn!

Completing the set The Hot Damn! played “Live Laugh Love” and “I Didn’t Like You Anyway” which has the floor in front of them dancing. Whilst every song tonight has been well received, these have got to be the most known amongst the audience as they sing along and blow their party blowers. As a climax to the show and bringing the gig to an end a confetti cannon was set off showering the crowd with brightly coloured paper.

It’s been good to see The Hot Damn! again. With the new material sounding great the new album is sure to be a hit. They are great band who are sounding tighter every time I see them, and they look like they are having a fantastic time on stage. Throw in their sense of humour which is demonstrated by singing “The Merch Song” means I’m really looking forward to your next show in Nottingham when you play The Rescue Rooms in September.

The Hot Damn! Set List – The Chapel Nottingham

Fizz Buzz Crash

Dance Around

Can You Hear Me Now


About Last Night

Damn Damn Damn Damn

Loud And Clear


Scott’s Song

Live Laugh Love

Merch Song

Going Down

I Didn’t Like You Anyway

The Hot Damn! launch Album Crowdfunder Campaign.

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Gig Review: The Hot Damn! Rocks Nottingham with an Explosive Crowdfunding Event@RockNews

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