Desperate Measures Gig Review – An Unforgettable Night of Punk and Rock at Water Rats

A punk and rock triple bill awaited us at the famous Water Rats venue in Kings Cross last night. The intimate venue was by no means packed out, but the crowd were super enthusiastic and vocal from the moment openers Yur Mum took to the stage. The London-based Brazilian duo made such a glorious racket we were looking for the rest of the band! Singer Anelise Kunz got sounds out of her bass that were otherworldly, and locked in with drummer Fabio to create a fantastic and captivating industrial punk set that was full of energy and a perfect start to the evening.

The Heat Inc bill themselves as “London’s loudest Rock ’n’ Roll band” and anticipation of their set was high. After being told by fellow gig goers how much they were looking to the band, I could see why! Their blend of high energy rock with a hint of sleaze (think a mix of the Stones, Stooges and Ramones with a nod towards Rival Sons) appealed to both the rockers and the punks in the audience. The set gave us a taster of their upcoming album “Asleep In The Ejector Seat”, due for release on 21 July, and included the barnstorming single “Get Wild”.

Desperate Measures took to the stage a little later than billed, but boy were they worth the wait! Formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1981, and reborn in 2021 with singer Eugene Butcher the sole original member, they sound vital and full of punk rock energy. The Vive Le Rock head honcho worked the stage like a man possessed, and the crowd loved it, especially when he joined them on the dance floor mid-song.

We got plenty of new material, including one “For the untouchables out there” and written just two weeks ago, and the brilliant “Lost Angels”. By the time they got to the aptly named new single “Back to the Rats” they were in their groove and having a ball. We left the Water Rats happy and with the sounds of good music ringing in our ears.

Desperate Measures play Call Of The Wild Festival on Saturday May 27th.

Desperate Measures Gig Review

Desperate Measures Gig Review – An Unforgettable Night of Punk and Rock at Water Rats @ RockNews

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