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Deathwish Blues Album Review – The album of the year. Showcasing Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s Musical Brilliance

Deathwish Blues Album Review

Well, before I start, I think it’s only fair to warn you that this might be a little biased. My most listened-to album of last year on Spotify was Samantha Fish’s ‘Faster‘ Given the multitude of new albums we receive each year for review, that’s quite an achievement. ‘Faster‘ is an absolute modern-day classic, so when I got the opportunity to review Deathwish Blues, I had to give it a listen. This time, Samantha Fish has brought along the talented country outlaw, Jesse Dayton.

A mark of a great album or song is whether you can, and want to, sing along to it. Rest assured, this album will not disappoint. “Deathwish Blues,” is guaranteed to be in my top ten most played songs of 2023. This album is simply fantastic, and I can confidently say that if you love blues, country, or rock, you will fall in love with it too.

Jesse Dayton’s inclusion adds a fresh dynamic to Samantha Fish’s music. Their collaboration showcases their combined talent and the chemistry they share. With Jesse’s unique style complementing Samantha’s signature sound, the album becomes a delightful blend of genres and influences.

Experience the Electrifying Fusion of Blues, Country, and Rock in Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s ‘Deathwish Blues’ – A Musical Journey that Will Leave You Wanting More!

Deathwish Blues: A Modern-Day Classic:

The album kicks off with the title track, “Deathwish,” which was already released as a single. There’s an undeniable quality to this music that sets it apart from its peers. “Deathwish” immediately hooks you in, as Samantha and Jesse’s harmonizing chorus draws you into the song’s essence.

“Down in the Mud”: This track takes a funk-infused approach, with Jesse leading on vocals and soulful guitar melodies accompanying the mix.

“Raiders”: Another groove-driven track where Jesse and Samantha take turns on the vocals. Samantha explains that “‘Raiders’ is about being musicians and troubadours and having one-night stands with whatever city you happen to be in.”

“Settle for Less”: Featuring a more powerful riff and a driving bassline, this track demands your attention from the very first note.

“Trauma”: A standout moment in the album, “Trauma” presents a killer guitar solo intertwined with captivating keys.

“No Apology”: This amazing track brings the tempo down a notch, offering a heartfelt ballad. Samantha’s flawless vocals, coupled with Jesse’s harmonization on the chorus, make this a standout piece.

“Flooded Love”: With its driving bassline, this track carries a Peter Gun theme-like vibe that adds an extra layer of excitement to the album.

“Lover on the Side”: Jesse’s influence shines through in this country-inspired track, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

“Rippin and Running”: Opening with a classic blues-style riff reminiscent of BB King, this song seamlessly transitions into Samantha’s signature sound, creating a unique and captivating experience.

“Dangerous People”: With its irresistible rhythm and classic Samantha Fish vocals, “Dangerous People” highlights the dynamic collaboration between Samantha and Jesse. Their voices blend effortlessly, creating a memorable and infectious chorus.

“Supadupabad”: This track packs a punch with its fierce attitude and incredible guitar work. Jesse takes the lead, delivering Isaac Hayes-style vocals that add a whole new level of intensity.

“Know My Heart”: As the album draws to a close, “Know My Heart” serves as a perfect ending. This country-inspired classic showcases Samantha and Jesse sharing the vocals once again, creating a heartfelt and nostalgic ambiance.

Samantha Fish UK Tour: Catch the Blues Rock Sensation Live This Autumn!

Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience as Samantha Fish, the reigning queen of blues rock, embarks on her highly anticipated UK tour this autumn. If you thought her albums were incredible, just wait until you witness her electrifying performances live on stage. Prepare to be blown away by her soulful vocals, masterful guitar skills, and captivating stage presence. See below for all the dates.

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Death Wish Blues
Deathwish Blues Album Review – The album of the year. Showcasing Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s Musical Brilliance


1. Deathwish (2:39)
2. Down In The Mud (2:52)
3. Riders (3:40)
4. Settle For Less (3:09)
5. Trauma (3:06)
6. No Apology (4:16)
7. Flooded Love (2:39)
8. Lover On The Side (2:48)
9. Rippin’ And Runnin’ (4:21)
10. Dangerous People (3:31)
11. Supadupabad (2:06)
12. Know My Heart (3:47)



1. Deathwish
2. Down In The Mud
3. Rider
4. Settle For Less
5. Trauma
6. No Apology


1. Flooded Love
2. Lover On The Side
3. Rippin’ And Runnin’
4. Dangerous People
5. Supadupabad
6. Know My He





Sunderland, The Fire Station
Thursday 19 October 2023

Glasgow, Barrowlands
Friday 20 October 2023

Manchester, Ritz
Saturday 21 October 2023

Bristol, SWX
Sunday 22 October 2023

York, Barbican
Tuesday 24th October 2023

Cambridge, Junction
Wednesday 25 October 2023

Bournemouth, O2 Academy
Thursday 26 October 2023

Bexhill, De La Warr Pavilion
Friday 27 October 2023

Birmingham, O2 Institute
Saturday 28 October 2023

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Colour photo by Daniel Sanda

Deathwish Blues Album Review
Deathwish Blues Album Review – The album of the year. Showcasing Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s Musical Brilliance

Deathwish Blues Album Review – The album of the year. Showcasing Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s Musical Brilliance @ RockNews

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