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Crooked Revival Rocks Temple of Boom in Leeds – Gig Review.

Crooked Revival Rocks Temple of Boom in Leeds

It was a chilly and breezy Thursday when we drove into Leeds to see Crooked Revival play at Temple Of Boom. For those who have never been, the Temple is located in an old mill, almost a best-kept secret being hidden away outside of the city centre. A no-frills venue, we got there just after the first band had finished, and Crooked Revival was setting up.

Singer James took the time to come over and say hello. My first impression was that he’s a lovely, warm, and friendly person. The second impression was that he has more than a passing resemblance to Josh Homme! Crooked Revival was born in the wake of the pandemic, and although they’ve only been a band since 2021, from the start of their first song – “They Warned Of Witches” – they have the tightness of a much longer-running band. With only a handful of singles on Spotify, we were treated to a generous nine-song set, which, for me, meant some new ones.

I’d really enjoyed what I’d heard online, so I was looking forward to hearing others. Songs like “Taking Too Long” are reminiscent of Pearl Jam, and there are also hints of Queens Of The Stone Age, with a smattering of Motorhead. James has a great voice and made me think more than once of Audioslave-era Chris Cornell. But despite my comparisons, they certainly have a sound all of their own.

There’s some fantastic guitar by Pav in these songs, complete with the long hair that, for lead guitarists, is a must! Riffs and solos alongside drums that you just can’t help but move to, Adam sitting behind, driving it all along. I’m always a bit gutted at smaller venues that you can’t get a good enough view of drummers. Adam was ace! Top-knotted Dominic on bass, I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off him; he was a little like Mick Fleetwood if Mick Fleetwood had ever played bass!!

The energy and expressions were amazing! James is a great frontman who often broke into smiles to speak to the crowd, and everyone up there on the stage looked relaxed and happy to be up there playing.

If you get the chance to catch these guys either at a gig or festival, I’d 100% recommend you go. See you at the front!!

Crooked Revival Setlist

They Warned Of Witches
Back To Freedom
Bad News
Between The Nights
Falling Alone
Taking Too Long
Gimme The Lighting Bolt
Death Upon The Breeze
Every Little Thing

Crooked Revival Are

Vocals & Guitar – James Watson
Lead Guitar – Pawel ‘Pav’ Pawelczyk
Bass Guitar – Dominic Brooks
Drums – Adam Norton

Crooked Revival Rocks Temple of Boom in Leeds @RockNews

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