HARKER Punk Rock Band Releases “Wasting Time” Single and Video

HARKER is a punk rock band hailing from Brighton, UK, and they have recently released a brand new single titled “Wasting Time.” The song sheds light on the breakdown of communication in today’s digital era, where misunderstandings and deceit have become rampant due to our increasing reliance on screens. The band stresses the importance of face-to-face communication with loved ones, engaging in healthy debates in person, and setting boundaries when necessary.

The track itself is a classic post-punk pop song with four simple chords and heavy hooks that give it an edgy, high-energy feel. The guitar sounds are distorted and the walls of sound that the band creates add to the overall feel of the song.

HARKER is also preparing to go on tour in June, so fans of the band can look forward to catching their live performances during the tour.

HARKER Tour Dates:

23-25th June – Hamburg, Booze Cruise

30th June – Brighton, Prince Albert

8th July – Bolton, Right To Roam Festival

15th July – Portsmouth, Guildhall

28th October – York, One For The Road Festival

HARKER Punk Rock Band Releases “Wasting Time” Single and Video @ RockNews

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Harker | Brighton Punk Rock (hrkr.co.uk)

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