Black Honey Rocks Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms Stage – Gig review

Arriving on stage to a rapturous applause from the sell-out crowd came guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor and drummer Alex Woodward. A short wait and Izzy Baxter, Black Honeys lead singer, runs onto the stage. Taking a tumble as she approaches the centre of the stage she jumps up with a smile on a face as she composes herself ready to launch into the band’s first song ‘Charlie Bronson’.

Continuing through the set with ‘All My Pride’ and ‘Tombstone’ from the Black Honeys latest album. After this flurry of songs, the band took a short break allowing Izzy to address the audience. Standing behind her Microphone, the blonde-haired Izzy announces to the packed crowd within the Rescue Rooms “We’re glad to be back” she went on to say that she recognised some of the crowd from the first time they played in the venue. “Nottingham is a really loyal city” Izzy proclaimed as she went on to tell the crowd that Nottingham was the first place the band played outside of London & Brighton when they first started performing.

As the crowd in the Rescue Rooms participated in the song ‘Spinning Wheel’ Izzy shouted out “I beg your pardon” which incited the crowd to shout even louder. The music has now stopped, and Izzy went on to invite the crowd to open up. The fans on the floor began to move and a large empty circle was made in response to Izzy’s request. The band then began to play again and the circle instantly filled with a frenzy of energetic dancing and jumping fans.

The set list continued and saw the Rescue Rooms audience in fine voice singing along to ‘Back Of The Bar’ and ‘Somebody Better’. The energy retuned to the pit and the crowd could be seen jumping around and generally crashing into one another as the band performed ‘Disinfect’

Rounding off the show with ‘Corrine’ Izzy dedicated the song to diversity. She went into a short monologue about being safe and supported within the venue which had the crowd providing cheers in support. As the song progressed Izzy left the stage and went out into the crowd to mingle with her fans before returning to the stage for the end of the song.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Black Honey Show tonight. Experiencing the quality of the live music and performance by the four members of the band it is easy to see why they are gaining such success with 2 of their albums charting in the top 5. If you like a retro sound with a bit of a rock bite, I highly recommend you get yourself a ticket for one of Black Honeys gigs!

Black Honey Set List – Rescue Rooms

Charlie Bronson

All My Pride



Spinning Wheel


Cut The Cord

Back Of The Bar

I Like The Way You Die


Somebody Better

I’m A Man

Rock Bottom


Hello Today

Up Against It

Out Of My Mind


Run For Cover


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