Unforgettable Night of Rock: Daughtry Shines at Rock City, Nottingham – Gig Review

Making a stop over in Nottingham this week are Daughtry to perform an amazing show to the heaving, sell out, crowd at the home of East Midlands music, Rock City. The American idol superstar treated the uk fans to a night of hard-hitting music courtesy of “The Dearly Beloved Tour” which includes music from the artist 17-year career.

Hitting the stage to rapturous applause form the packed audience the six members of Daughtry began their 14-song set. During the first song the stage lights cast an eerie blue hue as Chris played his guitar. The rest of the band were in the shadows barely visible to the packed floor in front of them. As the song progresses white lights flashed like lightning revealing the stage and the 6 musicians on it. Chris Daughtry wearing an outfit that would be at home in a Cyberpunk video game. 

The rest of the band, which includes Josh Steely, Marty O’Brien, Brian Craddock, Elvio Fernandes and Brandon Maclin are not only in the shadows of the lighting but also in the shadows of Chris Daughtry as he energetically manoeuvres around the stage. Jumping onto the many risers on the front of the Rock City stage, Chris bends his body into some impressive shapes as he passionately sings.

To the delight of the audience the band played some of their greatest hits which included “It’s Not Over”, “Dearly Beloved” and “Heavy Is The Crown”. There are acoustic versions of “Waiting For Superman” and “Home” and in the second encore there was a cover of the classic Journey song “Separate ways”. Throughout the venue arms can be seen punching the air and the voices of the 1800 strong crowd could easily be heard over the roar of the band as the Nottingham fans sing along.

The Daughtry show is a slick performance. The experience of performing on the US hit TV show has almost certainly made its way through to the stage show with each band member clearly having their own part of the stage to perform in. It’s easy to recommend attending “The Dearly Beloved Tour” with its production quality and brilliant songs which are loved by the crowd and excellently performed by the 6 members of Daughtry tonight. 

Daughtry Set List Rock City Nottingham

  1. Desperation
  2. World on Fire
  3. Changes Are Coming
  4. Dearly Beloved
  5. Evil
  6. Waiting for Superman (Acoustic)
  7. The Victim
  8. Lioness
  9. Heavy Is the Crown
  10. It’s Not Over


  1. Home (Acoustic)
  2. September

Encore 2:

  1. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Journey cover)
  2. Asylum

Unforgettable Night of Rock: Daughtry Shines at Rock City, Nottingham – Gig Review @ Rock News

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