The Dollyrots gig review – Reggie’s Music Joint Chicago

The Dollyrots gig review - Reggie's Music Joint Chicago

Get Your Punk fix with The Dollyrots

With a burst of vibrant and upbeat intro music that ignites a sense of nostalgic bliss, The Dollyrots took center stage at Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago, performing in front of an audience filled with fervent anticipation. Fresh off their UK tour dates, this headlining band had me feeling grateful for the opportunity to capture their live concert experience. The “Windy City” was their first stop on a tour of approximately 15 US cities, and they brought with them a contagious energy that was nothing short of fantastic.

The Dollyrots’ remarkable stage presence was complemented by a guitar solo and a humorous set from their son River, while their daughter Daisy Moon provided lively beats on the drums. I was impressed by this immensely talented couple, who brought so much to the table for their fans to enjoy. Kelly Ogden, a powerhouse on bass, and Luis Cabezas, with his electrifying guitar licks, created an incredible musical experience. It was especially inspiring to see such a strong and powerful woman and mother with such a significant history in rock on stage with her family. The band also recruited long-time friend and U.K. native Simon Hancock on drums for the U.S. leg of their tour.

The vibe in the audience was nothing short of a hair-tossing, good time. So, shake off your winter blues and come be a part of the fun. If you want to experience amazing punk rock flair first-hand, that will make you want to jump up and pogo all around your room, then you absolutely need to grab your friends and snag some tickets to The Dollyrots’ next gig. For more information on The Dollyrots, check out the links below, as well as their new single, “Hey Girl,” with the B-Side “I Touch Myself,”

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The Dollyrots gig review - Reggie's Music Joint Chicago
The Dollyrots gig review – Reggie’s Music Joint Chicago

The Dollyrots Setlist

  1. I Do
  2. My Best Friend’s Hot
  3. Everything
  4. Twist Me to the Left
  5. I Know How to Party
  6. City of Angels
  7. Brand New Key
  8. Dance Like a Maniac
  9. Jackie Chan
  10. Satellite
  11. Because I’m Awesome

The Dollyrots Discography

Eat My Heart Out – 2004
Because I’m Awesome – 2007
A Little Messed Up – 2010
The Dollyrots – 2012
Barefoot and Pregnant – 2014
Love Songs, Werewolves, & Zombies – 2014
Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles – 2016
Whiplash Splash – 2017
Daydream Explosion – 2019

The Dollyrots gig review – Reggie’s Music Joint Chicago @Rock News

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