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Why The Lazys are the Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of.

Do you know the feeling of stumbling upon a band that’s so good, you can’t believe you haven’t heard of them before? That’s exactly what happened to us when we discovered The Lazys, a band from Australia that has been making waves in the rock scene for years. In this article, we’re going to tell you why we think The Lazys are the best band you’ve never heard of.

Introduction to The Lazys

The Lazys are a five-piece rock band from Sydney, Australia. They formed in 2006 and have since released three albums, including their latest release, “Tropical Hazards,” which came out in 2018. The band is made up of Leon Harrison on vocals, Matty Morris on lead guitar, Liam Shearer on rhythm guitar, Glenn Williams on bass, and Tyler Bennison on drums.

The Lazys’ Sound

The Lazys’ sound is a mix of classic rock, punk, and modern rock. Their music is high-energy and perfect for live shows. They have a unique sound that’s hard to categorize, but if you like bands like The Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Airbourne, you’ll love The Lazys.

The Lazys’ Live Shows

Speaking of live shows, The Lazys are known for their incredible performances. They’ve played all over the world, including shows with bands like The Answer, The Juliette and the Licks, and more. Their live shows are high-energy, and the band members are known for their wild antics on stage. Leon Harrison, the lead singer, is especially known for his crowd-surfing skills.

The Lazys’ Lyrics

One of the things that sets The Lazys apart from other rock bands is their lyrics. They write songs about real-life experiences. Songs like “Little Miss Crazy” and “Picture Thieves”. Other songs, like “Howling Woman” and “Shake It Like You Mean It,” are just good old-fashioned rock anthems.

The Lazys’ Music Videos

Have you ever watched a music video and thought to yourself, “Man, these guys look like they’re having so much fun”? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll think when you watch The Lazys’ music video for “Half Mast Blues.”

The video starts with the band on stage at one of their shows. Leon, the lead singer, is jumping around like a maniac, while the rest of the band plays their instruments like they’re possessed. But that’s just the beginning.

The Lazys’ Future

Well we hope, they’re working on their fourth album, and that we will get to see them here in the UK, we recently spoke to Baz Mills from Massive Wagons who told how they almost had them booked for a support slot on their UK tour.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of rock music and you haven’t heard of The Lazys, you’re missing out. They’re a band that’s been making great music for years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. With their high-energy live shows, introspective lyrics, and DIY music videos, The Lazys are the best band you’ve never heard of.


  1. What genre of music do The Lazys play?
  • The Lazys’ music is a mix of classic rock, punk, and modern rock.
  1. Where are The Lazys from?
  • The Lazys are from Sydney, Australia.
  1. What’s the name of The Lazys’ latest album?
  • The Lazys’ latest album is called “Tropical Hazards.”


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