Those Damn Crows gig review – Rough Trade Nottingham

Rough Trade Records hosted Welsh rockers Those Damn Crows this week. The Quintet of musicians from Bridgend are currently touring the UK and stopped off in Nottingham’s bohemian district with its collection of independent bars and cafes. The queue of eager fans waiting to greet the band stretched down the street into the distance.

Those Damn Crows gig review - Rough Trade Nottingham
Those Damn Crows gig review – Rough Trade Nottingham

As the crowd made their way into the top floor venue, they headed to the small stage at the rear. It was only a short wait until Those Damn Crows took to the stage. Shane Greenall joked that the mass of people in front of him in the Rough Trade record shop was bigger than the attendance at their gig in Bradford the night before.  Those Damn Crows went on to provide an excellent acoustic performance of ‘See You Again’ and ‘This Time I’m Ready’ with Shane really highlighting his vocal talents.

After the short performance Those Damn Crows met their fans signed copies of Inhale/Exhale which they had purchased in its first week of release and posed for countless selfies with the 150 or so fans in the venue. I’m sure the Welsh musicians will be looking forward to the reception they will receive from their Nottingham fan base when they return later in the year to Rock City on June 19th. See you there guys!

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Those Damn Crows gig review - Rough Trade Nottingham


Due to phenomenal demand, THOSE DAMN CROWS have also added some new dates to their series of instores around the UK next month, which kick off on album release day!

Instores rack up as follows:

Fri 17th Feb (Leeds show day) – Crash Records, Leeds at 2pm

Sat 18th Feb (Manchester show day) – HMV, Manchester at 2pm

Sun 19th Feb (Newcastle show day) – Reflex Records, Newcastle at 2pm

Mon 20th Feb – Assai Records, Edinburgh at 7pm 

Tue 21st Feb (Glasgow show day) – LOVEMUSIC, Glasgow at 2pm 

Wed 22nd Feb (Bradford show day) – The Record Cafe, Bradford at 1pm

Thu 23rd Feb – Rough Trade, Nottingham at 6pm 

Fri 24th Feb (London show day) – Flashback, London (Islington) at 1pm 

Tue 28th Feb – Rough Trade, Bristol at 6:30pm

Fri 3rd Mar – Banquet Records out-store @ Pryzm Kingston (full band electric show)

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Those Damn Crows gig review – Rough Trade Nottingham @ Rock News

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