Michael Monroe Rock City Nottingham – Gig review.


*** Spoiler Alert *** A Michael Monroe show is one of the best ‘Glam Rock’ gigs you will ever see

Tonight, performing at Rock City is legendary Finn Michael Monroe. The Hanoi Rocks lead singer has brought his high energy rock show to the stage in Nottingham. Recognised as having influenced some of the biggest names in rock, which includes Guns N Roses, Motley Crue & LA Guns, the leather clad hair metal rocker still has one of the best live performances there is.

As soon as Michael Monroe burst onto the Rock City Stage it was obvious that this was going to be a fast-paced show.  The guitars of Rich Jones and Steve Conte kicked in with their rock n roll sound with Sami Yaffa supplying the basslines and Karl Rockfist thumping the drums. Michael jumped up on to the monitors to absorb the cheering of the crowd in front of him. Jumping off the monitor Michael went on to dance around the stage with his mic and stand complete with a scarf attached. He finally ended the first song, ‘One More Gang’ by performing the splits! Ouch! 

Michael is a true performer spending all of his time at the front of the stage swinging his microphone around on its lead in between the lyrics in his songs. At times he ventured out on to the step of the crowd barriers in front of the stage. To the delight of the fans that were now only inches away from the blonde-haired rock star, Michael reached his hand out to a member of the audience to steady him as he went on to stand on the handrail of the barrier precariously balancing as he continued to sing.

The only time Michael was not positioned at the front of the stage was when he was collecting one of his stage props from the rear of the stage. These props included a white peaked sailor hat, a saxophone, harmonica and a black peaked eastern bloc military hat, retro style rock from the eighties glam / pop rock era. 

Slowing the show down a little came when Michael climbed onto the speaker stack at the side of the stage. As the four musicians left on stage began to play the intro to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Up Around The Bend’ Michael threw the paper fan, he had been using to cool the sweat from his high energy performance, out to the audience. As the song progressed Michael was back on the crowd barrier encouraging the floor in front of him to join in singing and clapping along with him. The audience in the venue was either a fan of Michael Monroe or they were having a great night of entertainment by the group up on the stage.

My summing up of tonight’s show will be biased affair as I have been a fan of Michael Monroe since the eighties when I had Hanoi Rocks posters on my bedroom wall, to all times I have seen his brilliant stage antics which have included the time he climbed the rigging on the Download Stage. He is a great entertainer full of charism and passion and has kept his glam rock style even if it is now a bit tongue in cheek given the drab appearance of bands today. If you want to see a great show by a fantastic performer, then I highly recommend you get a ticket for one of Monroe’s shows.

Michael Monroe Set List

Michael treated the Rock City crowd to a solid gold eleven song set from forty odd years of his career. Ranging from his early days fronting Hanoi Rocks to his latest album, I Live Too Fast To Die Young which was released in 2022. Every one of the songs on the set oozes out Michael’s personality as a performer.

One Man Gang – One Man Gang

I Live Too Fast To Die Young – I Live Too Fast To Die Young

Last Train To Tokyo -One Man Gang

Murder The Summer Of Love – I Live Too Fast To Die Young

Trick Or Wrist – Sensory Overdrive

’78 – Sensory Overdrive

Ballad Of Lower East Side – Horns & Halos

Nothings Alright – Demolition 23

Malibu Beach Nightmare – Hanoi Rocks

Up Around The Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival cover

Dead, Jail Or Rock ‘N’ Roll – Not Fakin’ It

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