Live Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck Corporation Sheffield

Robert Jon & The Wreck Bringing Blues Rock To the City Of Steel

Robert Jon & The Wreck are rolling into Sheffield to headline the main stage of The Corporation venue. With over 800 live performances under their belts it is surprising that tonight is Robert Jons first time performing in Sheffield. To celebrate the occasion Robert Jon raised his glass toasting the audience who are clearly delighted to see the Southern California rockers in their home town, with many raising their glasses and given an almighty cheer.

The start of the show had a little drama with Henry James having to carry out some last minuet alterations to his equipment set up. The rest of the band stood poised on the darkened stage ready to burst into the the first song ‘Pain No More’. The short pause only added to the excitement and anticipation of the crowd. Henry grabbed his guitar and the show started with the stage lights illuminating the quintet of musicians the speakers now exploding with sound.

There was plenty of energy demonstrated by the band with the three guitarists continually moving around the stage. Warren Murrel, who wore a smile and his Ray Ban shades throughout the show, provided some great basslines to the songs in the setlist. Warren had the speakers in the venue throbbing as he played his bass intro to ‘Rescue Train’. The sound Warren produced continued to thunder through the song even when Henry James performed his solo.

Just in case the crowd forgot he was there the man with the biggest smile to ever appear behind a drum kit, Andrew Espantman pounded away on the kit and provided an enthusiastic drum intro for the song ‘Waiting For Your Man’. Not to be outdone Jake on the Keyboards provided an electronic interlude as the intro to ‘Who Can You Love’ and a brilliant solo during ‘Rescue Train’.

The near capacity crowd in the Corporation provided good support to Robert Jon & The Wreck raising their hands and clapping along when encouraged by the band. I could see plenty of fans singing along and rocking their heads to music. 

Providing fantastic vocals Robert Jon powered through the 14 song set, his bearded face scrunching up as as the words boomed out of his mouth. RJ was joined on the mic by Henry with some great harmonies before stepping back to allow the string bending Henry to perform some slick sliding and fast fingering fretwork during his solos which drew the attention of the crowd before him. 

When the band unleashed ‘Shine A light On me Brother’ the whole of the Corporation joined them in singing along. The band received masses of applause at the end of ‘When I Die’ & ‘Who Can You Love’ from the Sheffield crowd. As the band brought the show to an end they left for a short break. Henry James was first to return treating the fans to a finger stretching solo using every string and fret on the neck of his guitar. The solo gradually entered into the opening bars of the epic  ‘Last Light On The Highway’. Robert Jon, eyes closed, sang the first verses of the song. Now strumming his guitar along side Henry the momentum began to gather and the rest of the band joined. Henry, Rob & Warren were rocking in unison in the centre of the stage. Henry James shredded his way across the stage in his last solo As the song began to close and the last notes were played Robert Jon raised his guitar one handed into the air, saluting the Sheffield crowd who now were now showing their appreciation clapping, whistling and cheering for tonight’s excellent performance by the Orange County rockers.

The show tonight was full of energy and enthusiasm from Robert Jon And The Wreck. Their growing catalogue of great sounding songs and their ability to sell out venues is showing that they are really gathering momentum and must be destined to play in the bigger venues. I’m sure a lot of the crowd left the show looking forward to the next time Robert Jon are back in town, and with the reception tonight and a prolific tour schedule I’m sure it wont be long before they are back. If you cant wait go and grab yourself a ticket for one of their many shows, you wont be disappointed!

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Robert Jon & The Wreck Set list 

Appearing on the set list tonight are some of Robert Jon & The Wreck’s biggest hits Shine A Light On Me Brother, Oh Miss Carolina along with their latest release Come At Me which coincidentally has a great video check it out on YouTube. 

Pain No More

Do You Remember

Come At Me

She’s A Fighter

Ride Into The Light

Waiting For Your Man

Rescue Train

When I die

Who Can You Love


Oh Miss Carolina

Shine A Light On Me Brother

Cold Night

Last Light On The Highway

Robert Jon & the Wreck Discography

With 11 years of recordings under their belts Robert Jon & The Wreck have a massive catalogue of fan favourites to choose from for their live shows.

2011Fire StartedSelf-released
2015Glory BoundSpitfire Music
2016Good Life PieSpitfire Music
2017Wreckage Vol. 1 The Music Box
2018Robert Jon & the WreckThe Music Box
2018Live from Hawaii (live album)Hampton Productions
2019Take Me HigherSelf-released
2020Last Light on the HighwaySelf-released
2021Shine a Light on Me BrotherSelf-released
2022Wreckage Vol. 2 Self-released

Order your copy of Wreckage Vol. 2 here from Amazon.


Robert Jon & The Wreck release "Come At Me" single ahead of February 2023 UK Tour.
Live Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck Corporation Sheffield

Live Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck Corporation Sheffield@ Rock News.

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  • February 11, 2023 at 10:15 am

    Robert Jon & the Wreck are the real deal its the 2nd time i have seen them,amazingly tight band who produce fantastic southern rock blues.To catch them in these smaller venues is an absolute dream long may they keep returning to the UK.And i thought your review was spot on.


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