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BLACK STONE CHERRY GIG REVIEW – Resorts World Arena Birmingham 2023.

BLACK STONE CHERRY Shocks Fans with Surprise Release of New Single 'Out of Pocket' and Announces UK Arena Tour for January 2023!

Black Stone Cherry: A Southern Rock Band that will Leave you Breathless

The home of metal is no stranger to Black Stone Cherry, since they first played the city in a venue that held 250 people to the Resorts World Arena 10,000 attendance tonight. Whilst the city may be 4000 miles from Kentucky the American rock band consider Birmingham to be their spiritual home.

BLACK STONE CHERRY Shocks Fans with Surprise Release of New Single 'Out of Pocket' and Announces UK Arena Tour for January 2023!

Turning The Dial To 11

Starting the set behind a humongous white sheet that was totally obscuring the stage from the crowds view the band began to appear on stage. Illuminated by intense white lights the silhouettes of Black Stone Cherry were cast on to the white cloth in front of them. Not missing an opportunity to have some fun the band threw some shapes building the excitement in the crowd until the first note of Me And Mary Jane blasted from the speakers and the sheet fell to the floor, revealing Chris, Ben, Steve & Fred to the cheering audience.

Blame It On The Boom Boom!

Having an impressive catalogue of crowd-pleasing songs, the band had no trouble getting the audience to participate. At some points Chris stopped singing only for the audience’s voice to carry on the song nearly as loud as the band. Black Stone Cherry have fantastic support from the West Midlands making it easy to see why they like playing here so much. On the set list were Again, Soulcreek and White Trash Millionaire all of which were big hits with the crowd. The crowd stepped up level 11 when Black Stone Cherry performed Blame It On The Boom Boom! The atmosphere in the arena was electric! Bass player Steve Jewell and rhythm guitarist Ben Wells made full use of the large Resorts World Stage. Running from side to side, climbing the ramp to the drum riser 10 feet above the stage where John Fred young and his kit were sat. Chris, Ben, and Steve continually moved around and took it in turns to perform solos up on the risers at the front of the stage in full view of the packed floor in front of them.

Cheaper To Drink Alone saw the three guitarist front men leave the stage allowing John Fred Young to perform a brilliant drum solo. Technical issues produced an intermission in the solo where a cymbal needed tightening. Unfazed by the stoppage John continued his solo with a frenzy that could be compared to that of the Muppet Shows Animal. 

The Band Have Some Of The Best Support From Their Fans

The tempo slowed as Chris Robertson spoke to the crowd about the song Things My Father Said. Having performed the song for the first time back in 2021 in the city’s O2 Academy, Chris thanked the crowd for helping him through the performance, many of whom are surely in the capacity audience tonight. Dedicating the song to his father Steve, Chris went on to start the song. The crowd lit their torches on their mobile phones and sang the song with the band.

Thanking the crowd again for giving Black Stone Cherry the opportunity to play Birmingham the band decided to dedicate their last song to local legends ELO by performing Don’t Bring Me Down. The crowd’s appreciation and participation meant that this was a perfect choice to end a fantastic gig by Black Stone Cherry in Birmingham tonight.

Black Stone Cherry’s Discography

Since their formation, Black Stone Cherry has released seven studio albums, each of which has been met with critical acclaim. Their discography includes:

  • Black Stone Cherry (2006)
  • Folklore and Superstition (2008)
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2011)
  • Magic Mountain (2014)
  • Kentucky (2016)
  • Family Tree (2018)
  • The Human Condition (2021)

Black Stone Cherry Setlist

With songs that have become anthems the songs the band have chosen for their setlist are all favourites of the fans. Choosing to end the show by performing an ELO hit certainly confirmed Black Stone Cherry as a favourite of the Birmingham fans.

  1. Me and Mary Jane
  2. Burnin’
  3. Again
  4. Soulcreek
  5. Blind Man
  6. In My Blood
  7. Out of Pocket
  8. Like I Roll
  9. Cheaper to Drink Alone(With drum solo)
  10. Things My Father Said
  11. White Trash Millionaire
  12. Blame It on the Boom Boom
  13. Lonely Train
  14. Don’t Bring Me Down(Electric Light Orchestra cover)

BLACK STONE CHERRY GIG REVIEW - Resorts World Arena Birmingham 2023.
BLACK STONE CHERRY GIG REVIEW – Resorts World Arena Birmingham 2023.
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