Empty Trail Unleashes New Hit Single “In My Mind” – Austin’s Own Takes the Music Scene by Storm!

Empty Trail Drops Emotionally Charged Single “In My Mind” – Austin Band’s Frontman Rick Lambert Pours Heart into New Release.

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Rick states, “I wrote this song at a pretty low point in my life. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I was hypercritical on myself and everything around me. It got to the point that I couldn’t sleep well, I couldn’t even really f unction properly. Almost like a computer charged to detect every little “perceived” flaw in my life. Music has always been really powerful for me. It really is as they say an expressional release. To get all those horrible feelings that sometimes we feel we can’t share with even our closest friends, out. I’ve always felt a sense of power over what was crippling me, by sharing my most honest truth, whether it was positive or in this case quite negative. If anything, I would want others to connect in the way that maybe seeing someone else overcome it to some degree will give you power to do the same. Because anyone who does connect to these feelings, knows just how crippling they can really be.”Sonically, “In My Mind” showcases more grunge-y—overdriven guitars and bass that have been made an Empty Trail staple. The same raspy, genuine, soaring vocals that were apparent in past releases that Empty Trail fans love. Artwork – wise, Rick says, “I wanted to make myself the forefront of this song, because it is truly from my personal struggle. I want people to connect person to person, so I decided to put myself front and center of the artwork.

I personally created/edited it while Logan Presley was kind enough to take the raw pics. Following up on the band’s latest success with “I Don’t Want the Truth” (100,000 Streams Cross Platforms).Empty Trail passed the 2 million stream mark on Spotify, Ten million views on YouTube and inked an endorsement deal with Ernie Ball. The band’s Instagram has smashed 17,000 devoted followers and is rising. Building on the success of 2022 Empty Trail is looking forward to a great 2023

Empty Trail Unleashes New Hit Single “In My Mind” @ Rock News.

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