The future of Metal is shining bright. The future is Sam Bickmore.

Up-and-coming young musician, Sam Bickmore, is not your average 10-year-old. After just three and a half years of picking up the sticks, Sam has become a drumming prodigy, gaining recognition from around the world for his exceptional skills. This quiet, unassuming primary school boy has achieved the
advanced Trinity College London Grade 8 (A level equivalent) with distinction. His outstanding success as one of the youngest ever to reach this standard soon caught the attention of the media where Sam was featured on national and regional TV and radio.

Sam has also drummed up a storm in his local community, winning music competitions, playing live events and receiving a regional rising star award. He
appeared on Blue Peter and BBC Newsround for his drumming success. Sam was also sent merchandise by top cymbal manufacturer Zildjian and invited to the
London vault, where he was gifted a new ride cymbal in recognition of his achievements.

Sam is keen to take that next step and is currently working on his diploma. “I’ve had a crazy year,” said Sam, who is now looking for support to make a name for himself as a serious artist. Social media has been a great platform to showcase his skills but Sam has so much more to give. “We have a great local community following Sam’s journey,” reports Sam’s dad, “but we really need someone who can guide and take him to that next level.”

Remarkably, Sam’s parents are not musicians so this gift for playing the drums has come as a great surprise. “We noticed from an early age that Sam seemed to have a natural ability to rock along or tap in time to a beat,” recalls Sam’s dad. “It’s taken a while for us to accept how good he is.” But with only 7 hours taught tuition for his final grade, his drum teacher has also been amazed at Sam’s progress. Proud drum teacher, Peter Coppin, has high praise and aspirations for the young student he has taught from the start of his journey. “Sam is the most talented student that I’ve seen come through the door.” He adds that Sam has a bright future ahead of him as a rock star, comparing his style and raw talent to that of Dave Grohl. Amazingly, Sam didn’t start drumming until he was 6 and only began having regular lessons at 7, when he started to show more of an interest in music and playing. To chart his progress, Sam started his own YouTube channel Sam Beat7 – Sam Bickmore – YouTube which encouraged him to play more. Not only has this improved his confidence, it has also shaped his taste in music as he
explored different genres. Sam’s passion has grown to new levels since discovering the double bass pedal which has added an exciting new dimension to his playing. As a result, he has progressed to heavier musical influences from bands such as Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and Tool.
Sam’s animated style has been likened to that of Travis Barker, Dave Grohl or John Bonham.

Sam’s real passion is to play live, “My dream is to be in a big rock band and I want to go on world tours and everything.” Sam is already no stranger to the live music scene and has played at many venues, where his style and enthusiasm around the kit is fascinating audiences. His style is unique and he is infectious to watch. “We’re starting to get requests for Sam to play at different types of venues now,” reports Sam’s mum. His biggest live audience to date was at a local music festival,
playing to around 1200 people. Sam has already caught the attention of some famous bands and their drummers, receiving encouragement and messages of support from bands such as The Subways, Bowling for Soup, Rise Against, The Offspring and Avenged Sevenfold. He was invited to meet his rock idols The
Subways backstage at a festival in the summer, “They were all so lovely and I have spoken to Camille [Phillips] since then and she has given me some great tips on my drumming.”
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The future of metal is shining bright. The future is Sam Bickmore. @ Rock News.

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