The Dead Daisies Gig Review – Rock City Nottingham 3rd December 2022.

The Dead Daisies are back on tour this December with FM & The Graham Bonnet Band.

The Dead Daisies start their two week tour of the UK tonight at Nottingham’s Rock City, which was proclaimed by Glen Hughes during the show as being the ‘Greatest Rock Club in Europe!’. In the weeks running up to tonight’s appearance in Nottingham The Daisies haven’t been shy about promoting the tour using social media and judging by the near capacity crowd attending tonights show it has paid off for them. Doug Aldrich jokingly claimed in one of the social media Q&A’s that the reason the band has success in the UK is down to the fact that the electrical supply runs on 240v giving the band more energy than other lesser powered destinations.

Over the years The Dead Daisies have had on their books a whopping twenty musicians. Canvassing the audience tonight whilst waiting for the band to take to the stage it is clear that there is a divide over which has been the best Dead Daisies line up over the ten years of the band’s existence. Tonight The Dead Daisies are Glen Hughes (Vocals & Bass), David Lowy, Doug Aldrich (Guitars) and Brian Tichy (Drums). No matter who is on the line up at the heart of the Daisies is a classic Rock n Roll sound and what they bring when they tour is a big budget show to the medium sized venues they play.

The four musicians on stage put on a faultless performance tonight playing a set list of sixteen songs from many of the bands studio albums. Songs from Radiance, the latest album, featured heavily with five of them making it on to the setlist. Glen stood centre stage in a red and black striped suit his brilliant white teeth shining as he screamed the long notes in the songs with his familiar, almost trademarked, way of singing. To keep cool on stage Glen had a fan blowing his long hair making him appear as if he was filming an eighties glam rock video. Doug Aldrich was pulling off the double denim look in style as he shredded the guitar performing some stunning solos at the very front edge of the stage. David Lowy was maximising the stage area travelling from one end to the other stopping to guitar duel with Doug every now and then or strike a pose to the crowd. Brian Tichy was equally as much a part of the show as the three that were stood in front of him. With his drum kit on a riser and massive spotlights illuminating him through the various stages of the show allowing everyone in the crowd to see his genius twirling of the drumsticks or his bouncing of a drumstick off the skin of a drum mid note only to catch it as it flew way above his head. And just in case you couldn’t see him Brian took to standing up to beat the hi hat cymbals. All this was happening in front of a row of spotlights twisting and turning throughout the songs shining thick bars of ever changing coloured lights out into the crowd or turning to illuminate the huge Daisies banner with the deep purple coloured letters which was adorning the back wall of the the Rock City stage. Talking of Deep Purple, and seventy one year old Glens pension fund, the Daisies even chucked in a couple of excellently performed Deep Purple covers Mistreated and Burn, with Burn being part of the bands two song encore.

Tonights show in Nottingham by The Dead Daisies was a slick performance, with every member of the band being well rehearsed and still putting 110% effort into entertaining the crowd. The sound from the bands equipment was hard and hit heavily into the audience and the lights the band bring with them are amazing to see in a venue the size of Rock City. If you haven’t already got a ticket for one of the shows on the short tour of the UK I strongly recommend you get one as you wont be disappointed by The Dead Daisies Rock n Roll show. And if the band want to put me on the guest list I’m definitely up for another night of fantastic rock music entertainment!!

The Dead Daisies gig review - Rock City 2022.

The Dead Daisies
Plus Very Special Guests
FM & Graham Bonnet Band
December 2022

03 Nottingham/ Rock City
04 Manchester/ O2 Ritz
06 London/ O2 Forum Kentish Town
07 Wolverhampton/ KK’s Steel Mill
10 Dublin/ The Academy*
11 Belfast/ Limelight *
13 Edinburgh/ O2 Academy
15 Bristol/ SWX

* Graham Bonnet Band ONLY (Exclusive Acoustic Performance)

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