MASSIVE WAGONS – Gig Review Rock City – Nottingham. 04/11/2022

It’s Friday night and its Rock Night at the famous Rock City Venue in Nottingham. Rolling on to the stage are Massive Wagons who are a five-piece band originating from Lancaster. The Wagons, who are one of the Best British Rock Bands the country has ever produced, are made up of Baz Mills (vocals), Adam Thistlewaite (Guitar), Stevie Holl (Guitar), Adam Bouskill (Bass) and Alex Thistlwaite (Drums).  

The Massive wagons are visiting Nottingham for the second time this week. They were last here Tuesday night when they played the Rough Trade record store as part of their Triggered album promotion, They treated their fans who bagged a signed copy of Triggered to an impressive four song acoustic set of the singles released off the new album. Tonight, the Massive Wagons are sharing the Rock City stage with Ugly Kid Joe and are billed as joint Headliners. 

With the crowd cheering the band walked out on to the stage in front of the gigantic Massive Wagons flag adorning the back wall of the stage. The First of the 15 song set list is Pressure. Like most of the Wagon’s songs it’s a fast-paced. Baz jumped up onto the elevated stand in the centre of the stage to scream out the words of the song to the crowd. Earlier in the week Baz had told Rock News how he had nearly broken his ankle on the step he is now stood on while performing at this year’s Download festival.

Triggered off the latest album was next with its catchy lyrics gave Baz plenty of opportunity to race around the stage giving the fans with their phones out every chance to get a pic of the energetic frontman if they were quick enough!

Bangin in your stereo keeps the energy high and the crowd singing with the whole of the band putting 100% effort into the show. Back to the stack had the several of the audience raising their glasses in time to the lines in the song in memory of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt.

A short break in the music and Baz informed the crowd that the latest album had today reached No. 6 in the charts and thanked everyone in the crowd who supported them by buying an album during its debut week. When Baz asked if the crowd wanted to hear a new song there was a supportive cheer from the mass of people in front of him. The new song he was referring to was A.S.S.H.O.L.E. Having had a sneak peek of the bands set list taped to the floor the song was listed as Gazhole……..

An older song Fee Fi Fo Fum had the crowd punching the air as they sang along witnessing Baz spinning his hair round like an airplane propeller. Baz had a bit of political fun introducing Germ asking if there was anyone in the audience called Boris.

With a number of fans raising their phones ready to record the next song the Wagons played the well-received new song Fuck The Haters. The song had been used in the summer as part of the Massive Wagons anti bullying campaign in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which the band gained a lot of traction and support for the cause from their fellow musicians with many promoting the bands messages on their social media pages.

China plates is a real crowd pleaser and saw Adam and Stevie gravitating to the right of the stage to play the songs rifts together on their guitars. Towards the end of the song Baz jumped to the crowd barriers to high five and fist bump the the front row eventually stopping someway along to acknowledge the presence of two bald fans who Baz comically referred to the TV Show Eastenders and called the pair of follicly challenged fans the Mitchell brothers!!

Three more off the album Triggered included Please Stay Calm (possibly the song that will get the Wagons airplay on the BBC networks), Skateboard and the comically cynical of today’s society Generation Prime. The latter breaking into the Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl and Bob Marleys No Woman No Cry with Baz insisting the musical interlude is only in the set because of Stevie’s love of Peter Andre!…..Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

Ratio which is now one of the bands anthems at their shows was introduced as a dedication to Dave Parks. It’s a big sounding song with the crowd singing along. The thumping of the drums and the heavier sounding guitars influenced by the sounds of bands like Metallica was the introduction to Nails. Baz screaming to the crowd ‘Rock City!!! Bang your Fucking Hands!!’. Adam took to the riser at the front of the stage to perform his guitar solo as Baz and Stevie had a battle of the hair twirling.

Last song of the night was In It Together with crowd providing backing singing to the choruses. As the song draws to close everyone joins in to send the Massive Wagons off knowing that they have put on another stunning performance to those lucky enough to see them tonight. 

There is no doubt the Massive Wagons are getting better and better each time I see them. Having a catalogue of, pardon the pun, Massive tracks to choose from it must be getting difficult for them to actually narrow their song selection for their setlists. With every song they do perform being a crowd pleaser whether you are veteran to the music or a new listener it must be a nice problem for them to have. Best gig I’ve seen for a while and really looking forward to the next time the Massive Wagons are back in town.

Rock City – Massive Wagons – 04/11/2022

  1. Pressure – House of Noise
  2. Triggered – Triggered
  3. Bangin in Your Stereo – House of Noise
  4. Back to the Stack – Full Nelson
  5. A.S.S.H.O.L.E – Triggered
  6. Fee Fi Fo Fum – Welcome to the World
  7. Germ – Triggered
  8. Fuck the Haters – Triggered
  9. China Plates = Full Nelson
  10. Please Stay Calm – Triggered
  11. Skateboard – Triggered
  12. Generation Prime – Triggered
  13. Ration – Welcome to the World
  14. Nails – Welcome to the World
  15. In It Together – House of Noise

MASSIVE WAGONS gig review – Rock City Nottingham.

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TRIGGERED! Track Listing:

1. Fuck The Haters

2. Please Stay Calm

3. Generation Prime

4. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.

5. Skateboard

6. Gone Are The Days

7. Triggered

8. Giulia

9. Germ

10. Never Been A Problem

11. Big Time

12. Sawdust

13. No Friend Of Mine


MASSIVE WAGONS gig review – Rock City Nottingham.

For a full list of upcoming tour dates and to buy tickets, visit the band’s official website here.

Massive Wagons are:
Barry ‘Baz’ Mills – vocals
Adam Thistlethwaite – guitars
Stephen Holl – guitars
Alex Thistlethwaite – drums
Adam ‘Bowz’ Bouskill – bass.

MASSIVE WAGONS gig review – Rock City Nottingham. @ Rock News.

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