Samantha Fish gig review Rock City Nottingham. An evening of face melting blues Rock.

Tonight, we are Rock City to see the long-awaited UK leg of the Samantha Fish tour. Her album “Faster” is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, one of those top ten albums you keep for life. Every track on it is excellent, and I’m excited to finally see her perform them live. The tour was supposed to happen in the spring but was cancelled.

First up, it’s Wille and the Bandits, a British band from Plymouth in Devon who play rock, blues, Latin and even a bit of folk. This is the first time I have seen them live, and they did not disappoint. Wille reminds us there’s only one i in Wille and he must stop talking about Willys. They were really excited to be play the iconic Rock City for the first time.

They have supported some of the best in the business, including Deep Purple and Joe Bonamassa, so it’s no surprise that they know how to put on a great show. I really enjoyed the wide range of musical styles and influences on display, and it was clear that the band was having a great time onstage.

If you’re looking for a fun, energetic show, be sure to check out Wille and the Bandits the next time they’re in town, they are doing a tour in March. You won’t be disappointed.

Samantha Fish put on an amazing performance at Nottingham Rock City last night. She has so much charisma and stage presence – it’s no wonder she’s become such a big name in the blues rock world. Her voice is incredible, and she really knows how to work a crowd. She told us to sing like there’s a million-dollar record deal. She played songs from her new album Faster, Kill to Be Kind and the rest of her back catalogue, and the whole place was rocking. She reminded us that it had been two and half years since she had last played here, far too long. She said “I was worried no one would show up, but you all showed the fuck up.”

I’m not sure what it is about her Midwest accent, but it’s really great to listen to. Maybe it’s the slow, drawled out way she says words. Or maybe it’s the way she stresses certain syllables. Whatever it is, it’s working for her!

She covered Neil Youngs Don’t Let It Bring You Down and seamlessly swapped guitars mid song.

Samantha is an incredible guitar player, and it was a real treat to watch her play slide guitar. She has a real knack for making her guitars sing. She also has a great band backing her up. She looks like a Rock goddess version of Marilyn Monroe! She’s definitely a star.

It’s been a great night that is over way to soon. This show just leaves you wanting more. I’m so glad I was able to catch it. They put on a great show, and the energy in the room was electric. Samantha Fish is a must-see live act, and I’m already looking forward to her next tour.

If you have the opportunity to see her live, I highly recommend it.

Samantha Fish gig review Rock City Nottingham.

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Samantha Fish reschedules her UK Tour

Samantha Fish gig review Rock City Nottingham.

Samantha Fish reschedules her UK Tour
Samantha Fish gig review Rock City Nottingham.
Samantha Fish gig review Rock City Nottingham.@ Rock News.

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