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Troy Redfern Gig Review Rescue Rooms – Nottingham.

Troy Redfern releases iconic blues rock summer anthem single and music video "Gasoline"

British blues rocker Troy Redfern is back in Nottingham with tonight’s venue being The Rescue Rooms as part of his current UK tour in support of veteran rock headliners Dare.  Prolifically writing and recording songs and seemingly touring endlessly, Rock News recognises Troy as one of the hardest working musicians in the industry and someone we always enjoy seeing when he’s in town.

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Troy’s selection of songs tonight are from his latest album The Wings Of Salvation released this year and his 2021 album The Fire Cosmic. Opening with Scorpio Troy’s strums his guitar  and gets the crowds attention as the fast paced rifts blasts out of the speakers. Halfway through the song Troy breaks into a guitar solo and demonstrates why he is known as the ‘King Of Slide’ making his guitar sing the sounds he expertly creates.

Next up is a wave of three songs off The Wings Of Salvation album starting with Sweet Carolina, the latest single, with its upbeat tempo the audience were nodding along in appreciation. Next was Come On with a great guitar solo halfway through showing the skills of Troy Redfern and like the line suggests in the song he “got his mojo working”. Last off The Wings Of Salvation album is Dark Religion a slower bluesy song/story.

Back to The Fire Cosmic for the rest of Troy’s performance. Waiting For Your Love, in Troy’s words “a bombastic, sassy blues rock boogie” gets the audiences interaction singing, stomping their feet and nodding in time to the beat. Last song on the set tonight is Sanctify and being as fast paced as Troy’s opening song he is leaving the Rescue Rooms surely with a few more fans tonight.

Troy performed a great selection of songs tonight which showcased his undoubted talent as a songwriter and musician. With his commitment to writing and performing im not sure if he ever has time to his guitar down!

Scorpio – The Fire Cosmic

Sweet Carolia – The Wings Of Salvation

Come On – The Wings Of Salvation

Dark Religion – The Wings Of Salvation

Waiting For Your Love – The Fire Cosmic

Sanctify – The Fire Cosmic

Troy Redfern Gig Review Rescue Rooms – Nottingham.

Troy Redfern Gig Review Rescue Rooms – Nottingham. @ Rock News.

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