Cassyette Gig Review – The Leadmill Sheffield.

Cassyette gig review - The Leadmill Sheffield.

I’m back at the Leadmill to see Cassyette and support Kid Bookie on the very intimate Steel Stage, which has a capacity 250 and it’s a sell-out, a hot sweaty sell out.

Support comes from Kid Bookie.  You might not have heard of him, but you should have.  At 16 he was featured on Tim Westwoods BBC 1Xtra show and now, over 10 years later, he has collaborated with the likes of Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson and Billy Martin.  His sound is a mixture of trap metal, rock, rap & a big dose of fuck you.

The Steel Stage isn’t the biggest and there are two drumkits on there (one is cassyettes), this leaves maybe 6 foot at the front of the stage for 3 band members that clearly want to move.  The good thing with the small stage is the very small space between the band and crowd, literally nothing, no pit, no gap, just monitors, the barrier and then the crowd.  This is intimate as fuck and everyone loves it.  After getting the crowd into a couple of walls of death, its obvious Kid Bookie wants to move and by the end of the set he’s in the crowd.  A circle of space opens around him as he sings the final song. He counts the crowd down and then everyone is moshing and it was good.  So good. 

Kid Bookie Setlist

  1. Intro
  2. U R My Suicide
  3. Fur Minxxx
  4. Liquor, Sex, Weed
  5. Stuck In My Ways
  6. Creep (Radiohead cover) (guitarist on vocals)
  7. Shake Up
  8. Scars
  9. All the Same
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Believe me, there won’t be many more gigs this size, Cassyette is definitely moving onto to bigger venues.

We don’t have to wait long for Cassyette.  Gone is the long blonde hair I have seen on so many pictures from this summer’s festivals, instead she is sporting a short punky crop and looks hot as fuck.  Cassyette has had a busy year, she has played Leads & Reading, 2000 Trees, Download, Slam Dunk and supporting My Chemical Romance at Milton Keynes to name but a few and has just completed a UK tour.

The small stage isn’t quite so small now.  There’s just a drum kit in the left-hand corner and the guitarist to the right-hand side of the stage, leaving the rest of the space for Cassyette.  She prowls the stage, making the most of the closeness to the crowd, reaching out, singing into people’s faces & phones and generally owning that room. She is an absolute joy to watch. A natural performer, but also honest & raw.  She tells us stories behind songs and it feels like she is having a conversation rather just talking into a void.  Tonight’s gig was absolutely outstanding.  I feel honoured to have been part of such an intimate gig, because believe me, there won’t be many more.  She is definitely moving onto to bigger crowds.

Cassyette Setlist

  1. Picture Perfect
  2. Dear Goth
  3. Behind Closed Doors
  5. September Rain
  6. Falling Down (Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION cover)
  7. Mayhem
  8. Sad Girl Summer
  9. Like That
  10. Delete You
  11. Boyfriend
  12. Dead Roses
  13. Boom
  14. Petrichor
  15. Prison Purse

Cassyette gig review – The Leadmill Sheffield.

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