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FURY Interview – Roctavia chats to Becky Baldwin from FURY.

FURY Interview - Roctavia chats to Becky Baldwin from FURY.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Becky Baldwin (Hands Off Gretel, ex-Dorja, Triaxis, ex- Control The Storm) about all of the ins and outs of being a bassist in one the UK’s finest up and coming heavy metal bands.

Hailing from West Midlands, UK, Fury touts their love of Old School metal proudly and it comes through in their hefty tunes. The major influences of Iron Maiden and Metallica can be heard dripping from the crisp vocals and dominating licks of each production. The band consists of Julian Jenkins (vocals), Becky Baldwin (bass), Tom Fenn (drums), Jake Elwell (lead guitar) and Nyah Ifill on backing vocals.

Fresh off of a set at Download Festival UK, Becky and I got to chat about what was responsible for making her pick up the bass. We even covered the fact that her love of music flows so deep that she’s actually a tutor and can legitimately teach you a thing or two about honing in on your skills as a bassist. After getting to know a bit about Becky, we got around to unlocking what inspires the writing process for the band and touched base on their new album ‘Born to Sin,’ out now. Check out our interview, which includes Becky’s biggest bucket list item, as well as everything else Fury at the links below.

Photo credit – Sean Larkin Photography

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FURY Interview – Roctavia chats to Becky Baldwin from FURY. @ Rock News.

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