Enter Shikari Release a new single (ft. Wargasm) – ‘The Void Stares Back’.

Enter Shikari Release a new single (ft. Wargasm) - 'The Void Stares Back'.

‘The Void Stares Back’ is Enter Shikari’s first new music since the release of their UK #2 charting album Nothing Is Real & Everything Is Possible. New single ‘The Void Stares Back’ – which features Wargasm – arrives ahead of their Reading & Leeds mainstage performances later this month.

It has been almost three years since Enter Shikari last released a new single. On their previous outing ‘The Great Unknown’, the final single to be taken from their UK #2 album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, we last heard the band questioning “Is this a new beginning? / Or are we close to the end?” As they now share highly anticipated new material, the answer to those questions comes into sharp focus: a new beginning is upon us.

Long-established as restless innovators operating in entirely their own lane, Enter Shikari re-emerge today with some of their most thrilling and potent work so far, in collaboration with Wargasm. ‘The Void Stares Back’ spins a startling pop sensibility into a haymaker chorus, that erupts to champion acceptance, community, belonging and the power of progress. It’s about staking your claim, being who you are, searching for like-minds and ushering out the antiquated views of old.

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Enter Shikari Release a new single (ft. Wargasm) - 'The Void Stares Back'.
Enter Shikari Release a new single (ft. Wargasm) – ‘The Void Stares Back’.

Lead vocalist and keyboardist Rou Reynolds comments: “It is with elation, and more than a little nervousness, that we release this; our first track after over two years of dormancy. It is a roisterous journey made all the more so with the addition of our friends Wargasm. Thematically, the piece is about the forward march of social progress, and how, often, those with a more conventional archaic outlook on sexuality, gender, social design, economics etc, see those with differing ideas like bewildering, depraved creatures from another dimension.”

Wargasm add: “Shikari were a big part of our growing up, so it was an absolute honour to be asked to collaborate with such an incredible and well-spoken band. They stand for the right things – we’re a little more pessimistic. It was fun playing the darker devil’s advocate to Rou’s light…where we’re going, you won’t need eyes to see…”

From its piercing opening, Prodigy-esque riff the band thrust themselves into a quite remarkable run of several thrilling melodies. Joining forces with Wargasm for a particularly potent call and response verse – which in the bands’ own words is about the forward march of social progress and the ushering out of archaic outlooks on sexuality, gender, social constructs – ‘The Void Stares Back’ keeps on giving all the way through to its stadium-sized chorus.

If this new song in any way points to the shape of things to come from future Shikari songs then I think they’ll be putting together some of the biggest songs they’ve ever written. And they lose nothing here of the out and out attack, venom and social commentary that their sizeable fanbase loves so much. Last year they headlined the Download Festival Pilot and sold out a fourth show at London’s Alexandra Palace. Next year the venues are getting bigger.

Enter Shikari Release a new single (ft. Wargasm) – ‘The Void Stares Back’. @ Rock News.

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