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The Public Eye – YNOT 2022 interview.

The Quarry is Y Not’s second stage and the largest stage under cover and I’m here to see the 12:30pm slot on Saturday lunchtime. Dean Jackson is here to introduce the acts for BBC introducing.

First up is The Public Eye. Joey Greener was supposed to play here two years ago, solo. Joey gained popularity during covid after singing on his drive in Derby to entertain his neighbours. After being delayed twice, Joey is finally able to play at ynot, but it’s not solo. He’s here with his band, The Public Eye.  

Joey Greener – vocals & guitar

Jonah Radford – guitar

Zack Bednall – drums

Cavan Brady – bass

The tent was that full that people were outside trying to catch a glimpse of the band and listen to them play. Therw were small pockets of space but mostly full.  I suspect this wasn’t down to the weather, because the crowd left after the set. So I’m confident to say everyone was there to see The Public Eye. 

Dean Jackson gave them a fantastic introduction and the band ran into the stage. Joey was wearing his derby county shirt and was delighted to hear the crowd reply to him kissing the badge with a rousing ‘derby, derby, derby, derby’ chant. I caught up with the band when they came of stage. Clearly still buzzing from playing, I wanted to know how they were feeling.

FS You’ve just played the quarry stage. How do you feel?

PE-JG Its the biggest crowd weve ever had

PE-JR We were praying for rain so that everyone would come in

FS It wasn’t the rain, everyone came in because you were amazing. How you feeling?

PE-ZB I love seeing that mosh pit, that was amazing

PE-JG That is the best feeling you can ever have

FS what was it like when you came on the stage?

PE-JR Nerves, then as soon as Dean said our names it was pure adrenalin

PE-JG I saw the crowd and was like, oh my god, I was sat there like, waiting, I was shaking

PE-ZB  I was buzzing before I got on stage, I was so excited and now I’m knackered

FS Once you were on the stage, everyone loved you, that must have been incredible

PE-JG  It was sound, we managed to funnel all our mates to the middle and that made our crowd.  There were people around that I didn’t know and they were singing our tunes and that was the maddest feeling ever and to have them mixed to together with the people that weren’t singing that were just enjoying our music forming one massive pit, was amazing

PE-ZB We filled the whole tent. What capacity was it?

PE-JR 4 and half K I think, 

PE-JG I reckon we touched 2 thousand. 

PE_ZB well the tent was full

PE_JG there were little pockets, 

PE-CB little mini mosh pits

FS there were people stood in the rain that couldn’t get into the tent watching you 

PE-JG yeah there were people at the back, cos they couldn’t get in

PE-CB I feel sorry for them in the rain, while we were in a nice warm tent

PE-JG It was so good though.  It was the best feeling in the world.  To have built up to this over the last year and for me over the last 2, 3 years. It was perfect.  Everything I could want it to be

FS When were you supposed to play before?

PE-JG 2 years before.  So covid, then covid again, first 2 times would have been just me, so im glad ive had the time to reform, rebuild and meet these guys

FS amazing.  So it was all through BBC introducing?

PE-JG yeah, Dean kept the same line up 

I absolutely loved it 

FS Thank you so much for chatting to me 


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The Public Eye – YNOT 2022 interview. @ Rock News.

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