Metasoma – Lead singer Vlad talks about his journey with the band.

Metasoma - Lead singer Vlad talks about his journey with the band.

Metasoma – the hind region of the body of some invertebrates, the Merriam-Webster dictionary says.

In our case, the invertebrate in question is the scorpion and the philosophy behind the name is to create music that stings, as what you feel afterwards is instantaneous and extreme.

I joined in 2015, 5 months after moving to London… 5 months of pure chaos. The band was already established and had a pretty solid and active fan base, not to mention gigs, festivals and won contests, under their belt, so no pressure. Metasoma is a London based Heavy Metal band founded in 2009 by Michal “Misiek” Sedzielewski (Rhythm Guitar) and Voytek “V” Golbiak (Lead Guitar).

Throughout the years the band saw some changes until it arrived at the current form consisting of Hugo Terva (Drums), Jake Thorsen (Bass Guitar) and myself Vlad Iancu (Vocals). We are first of all fans and as such we bring homage to our heroes old and new, so inevitably each of us brought our own influences to the table thus forging the bands unique style: from Pantera’s violence and power to Alter Bridge’s melodic song writing, we love to push boundaries and blend extremes.

Through our music we aim to create a bridge between ourselves and our audience, an immersive experience and/or an exchange of energy (especially during live shows) where one may choose to focus on the subject of a particular song and define it thorough their own experiences or not focus on anything at all except maybe exorcising some demons and just on having fun.

Each show is a tornado of emotions and sweat and we love every second of it. Metasoma has played many shows throughout the UK with such acts as Vader, Illusions, Sanctuary, Xentrix and a string of sold-out dates in the UK and Poland supporting the critically acclaimed metal band Night Mistress which concluded with the opening of the Juwenalia festival in Lublin.

The band has also performed numerous festivals across the UK, including a headline slot at Breaking Bands Festival, Mammothfest, Cooltura, and more recently Hard Rock Hell (HRH). Metasoma has released two EP’s, ‘Metal Erosion’ and ‘Dead Happy’ in support of 2014’s full-length ‘Mirror of Life’. After three years of progressive evolution the band the ‘Chapter II’ EP once more to critical and public acclaim.

The lead single “Just Breathe” reached number one on Hard Rock Hell Radio on 30/09/2017. The band extensively toured after the release of their third EP “Chapter 2”, supporting the likes of Vader, Nocny Kochanek, Sanctuary, Kabanos, Illusion, Skarlett Riot and many more.

In 2020 Metasoma was proud to headline the legendary London club “The Underworld” before releasing our two sided single “Neverhere”, featuring both an acoustic and electric versions of the song, alongside a video. The recent years haven’t been the easiest for anyone and we too had to adept to the new situation so at the moment we are writing and recording new material through our own means and, dare I say we are pretty excited to share it with everyone in the coming months. In the meantime feel free check out some of our earlier stuff on Youtube or Spotify. Stay tuned and keep the horns up! Vlad

Metasoma - Lead singer Vlad talks about his journey with the band.
Metasoma – Lead singer Vlad talks about his journey with the band.,
Metasoma – Lead singer Vlad talks about his journey with the band. @ Rock News.

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