The Bloody Nerve competition – Win a copy of the new EP’s ‘All Blood No Treasure’ Act I, Act II and an exclusive patch.

The Bloody Nerve are kicking out a killer album with two parts Act I and Act II available now, thanks to our friends at Central press we have a copy of these limited-edition CDs to give away to one lucky reader, to be in with chance of winning these amazing EPs and an exclusive patch simply follow us on Instagram. If you already do just DM us with your name. Rock News Instagram. A winner will be chossen at random on the 9th of April.
The Bloody Nerve combines the formidable talents of singer/guitarist Stacey Blood and vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, who deliver a tsunami of sound and committed rock energy that many a band would envy.

This rock-rich concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure, is out now along with the brand-new video for ‘Episode 6 – Doin’ All Day’; and the 3-track EP of Act II, ‘Reckoning’, on digital platforms and as a limited-edition CD.
“The album is broken up into four ‘Acts’…” explains vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, “There will be a limited-edition CD available on the street date for each of the acts, with a full-length CD and dope vinyl when it’s over.”

The Bloody Nerve competition

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Laurie and Stacey talk about the release of Act II. “Act II is called ‘Reckoning’, because we always end up here,” says Laurie, “We can’t make up our rules as it turns out.  To protect that machine, things get more forceful and more ridiculous until it implodes.”
Act II opened with the title track of the album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’: “Episode 4 is like the manifesto of sorts, like there’s no hiding the dreadful reality anymore,” explains Stacey, “It’s brutal and sad all at the same time.  Deep down that’s what we’re all feeling, whether we admit it or not, and no matter our political priors. We feel like prey.”
Episode 5: ‘Down To The Letter’ grabbed you and hit hard right from the get-go with its opening hook, quickly building to the fully fleshed out rock sound that charges the album. Stacey Blood’s vocals come to the forefront with a sound that seems to warn, lecture, and mock all at the same time.  
“Episode 6 is the fork in the road,” says Laurie Ann Layne of ‘Doin’ All Day’, “It’s truly the inner struggle: do we descend further with resentment or begin redemption with courage and faith?”
“’Doin’ All Day’ is prison slang for a life sentence,” explains guitarist and singer Stacey Blood, “So we’re using these optics to describe how we find ourselves more and more cuffed to new cultural pressures that don’t come naturally to the human spirit.   There’s a new warden every day, each less forgiving than the one before.”
The brand-new video for ‘Doin’ All Day’ shows Stacey and Laurie shackled together as prisoners, tied back-to-back in darkness or as if on CCTV in a cell — singing the lifer’s plaintive prayer “Lord, pardon my enemies today…” — the styling of this opening verse reminding us that The Bloody Nerve aren’t shackled by convention, cliché or genre.
But temperament changes quickly, as the soaring guitar solo from Stacey Blood that follows vividly shows, marking the song’s sea change towards a much bigger, rockier sound. On screen, the pair walk blindfold through a forest, joined by a rope at their wrists with a sinister, almost ‘Blair Witch Project’, vibe.
As the song builds climactic power, Laurie Ann Layne’s distinctive vocals move from backing to foreground, playing against Blood’s whilst the music transformation is intensified by shots of the two prisoners pulling against each other, eyes now eerily aglow.

Album: All Blood No Treasure track listings
ACT 1: Retrogade
 Episode 1. A Million Arms
 Episode 2. What’s It Say (About You)
 Episode 3. Roads
Haulix link to ACT 1 

ACT ll Rekoning
Episode 4. All Blood No Treasure
Episode 5. Down To The Letter
Episode 6. Doin All Day

The Bloody Nerve are
Vocals: Laurie Ann Layne
Vocals: Stacey Blood
Guitars: Stacey Blood
Bass: Bobby Blood
Drums: Richie Russo

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The Bloody Nerve competition. @ Rock News.

The Bloody Nerve competition - Win a copy of the new EP's ‘All Blood No Treasure’ Act I, Act II and an exclusive patch.

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