Elles Bailey Interview. J-B Rocks chats to the wonderful Elles Bailey.

To celebrate the release of Elles Bailey’s new album ‘Shining In The Half Light‘ we had to sit down for chat. During our time we talked about her chart success, the early years, what made her what she is today, her home town roots, the Nashville experience, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Elles Bailey Interview. J-B Rocks chats to the wonderful Elles Bailey.

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Elles Bailey Interview. J-B Rocks chats to the wonderful Elles Bailey.
Elles Bailey Interview. J-B Rocks chats to the wonderful Elles Bailey.

Elles has hit the top of her native genre charts with her acclaimed new album ‘Shining In The Half Light’: #1 in the Official Blues charts; #2 in the Official Americana charts; and #4 in the Official Independent Charts.
In a landmark breakthrough for an independent artist, Elles’ ‘Shining In The Half Light’ also appeared on the RADAR of the UK Charts, reaching #11 in the mid-week charts and is now sandwiched between Whitney Houston and Adele, just a handful of sales away from appearing in the UK’s Top 40. For a fully independent, grassroots artist, without the clout of a major label, this is one hell of an achievement.
Elles herself has been blown away by the critical acclaim, fan response and chart success.
“I am utterly thrilled,” she says. “and would just like to take a moment to thank my amazing fanbase for supporting this album, right from the off. This is a beautiful grassroots story and I’m truly humbled by, and grateful for my fans, for their enthusiasm and support.”

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The super-smoky voiced singer-songwriter is particularly proud to be blazing the trail for grassroots and independent artists, proving that mainstream success can be reached with quality material hard work and laser focused determination.
Whilst Elles is of course delighted by the response to ‘Shining In The Half Light’. like many she’s been shocked by recent events: Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine and the unfolding humanitarian crisis.
But since this is Elles Bailey, she wants to take practical action to do her bit and help in a concrete way. This she aims to do by donating the proceeds from the downloads of ‘Shining In The Half Light’ to a charity that’s ready, willing and able to help the victims of this still-unfolding tragedy.
“In all honesty,” Elles reflects, “in the light of recent world events, it felt hugely trivial to be promoting a record release.  But all I know is that this is an album that was inspired by those who spread love in a time of fear and hope in a time of hopelessness. It was an album born from uncertainty, during the time of the pandemic, yet I hope it spreads joy, love and uplifts your soul in these new uncertain times.
“I am a new mum and my is heart is breaking for everyone in Ukraine, especially the children caught up in this escalating crisis. My fanbase have been so incredibly generous supporting this album journey and I know they will support my decision to donate the proceeds of the ‘Shining in the Half Light’ downloads to War Child, who specialise in protecting children in conflict.”

War Child are the only charity dedicated to protecting and speaking up for children affected by war.  They understand children’s needs, respect their rights, and put them at the centre of everything they do.  
With regards to Ukraine, Rich Clarke, Head of War Child Records states: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine represents a huge threat to the 10.7 million children who live there and whose childhoods will now feature fear and uncertainty. What War Child is concerned with are the psychological impacts of conflict as well as basic child protection needs, and it is clear that the impact of this conflict could be very significant to a very large number of children. So Elles’ generosity is so wholeheartedly appreciated and will help us address those critical needs in Ukraine, and other conflict countries in the best way possible. 
What’s more is that from 1 March – 31 May 2022, we are running our Unlock a Generation appeal in which all donations will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government. This means any gift right now could go twice as far in supporting the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, as well as places like Yemen and Afghanistan, where millions of children are still in desperate need of protection from war and conflict – now really is the best time to support”
Elles has chosen War Child as a way to channel proceeds from her album downloads to helping children in Ukraine.
The strength of the songs on ‘Shining In The Half Light’ and Elles Bailey’s virtuosity as a singer and songwriter speak for themselves. That’s lifting her from the half-light into the limelight, and true to form, she’s keeping it real and spreading some love into dark places too, helping the children of Ukraine.
So far, over £1500 has been raised and counting.

Elles Bailey Interview. J-B Rocks chats to the wonderful Elles Bailey. @ Rock News.

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