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King King gig review with support from The Damn Truth – The Leadmill Sheffield.

The Damn Truth

Tonights location is a small venue in Sheffield called ‘The Leadmill’. Since opening in 1980 ‘The Leadmill’ has received numerous awards for the fans favourite and best live music venue. Located only a few yards from the Sheffield train station ‘The Leadmill’ is a great place to enjoy a drink and experience live music up close and personal. Tonight’s performers are the Canadian quartet “The Damn Truth’ who are supporting the rockers from Glasgow ‘King King’!

The Damn Truth opened with ‘This is who we are now’. A song born on the road with a hard rock sound. ‘Full On You’ with its melodic sound was up next. A rawer sound came from ‘Too Late’ which was from the bands 2012 album ‘Dear in the Headlights’ .

Back to the latest album for for the rest of the set. ‘Lonely’ a bluesy sound with great vocals from Lee-la. Only love comes with an upbeat sound with guitars sounding loud towards the end courtesy of Tom Shemer. ‘Look Innocent’ again shows how talented a voice Lee-la has singing this song and its emotional storyline. ‘The Damn Truth’ end the set with ‘Tomorrow’. It starts with a guitar rift which could have been inspired by GnR which then grows in momentum with Lee-la
demonstrating how great her voice. With a mini guitar solo in the middle this was a brilliant song to end with, leaving the crowd full of energy for the headliners to come. The Damn Truth who are made up of Lee-la Baum, Tom Shemer, PY Letellier and Dave Trina have been a great support act tonight. A band worthy of being the headliners themselves and one to look out for on future tours. And personally I’m looking forward to your next album guys!!

This is who we are now
Full on You
Too late
Only Love
Look Innocent

King King

A short break between the acts and then AC/DC blasts out the ‘The Leadmill’ speakers. The crowd sing along to the track and then one by one King King appear. Jonny, Zander, Andrew, Stevie and completing the line up Alan. Stevie began strumming along with the Highway to Hell track which raised the excitement of the crowd even more, before the band leapt into their first of a fourteen song setlist. First up was Gimmie No Lovin’, an easy track to get the audience singing along to. This was followed by ‘Fire in my Soul’ and ‘One World’. There were a few jokers in the crowd heckling Alan between songs. Alan though in good spirits played along with them with a few comments back and a smile or too. ‘Waking up’, Rush Hour’ and a ‘ Long History of Love’ were played next. There was a little break for a monologue about the effects of covid and not to take live music for granted by Alan. It has to be pointed out though, like all bands King King have had to take a break form the touring scene over the past couple of years but you wouldn’t tell that they have been away as their performance tonight was faultless musically and the vocals were great with some fantastic harmonies by the Glasgow Boys. Next on the list were ‘You Stopped the Rain’, Everything Will Be Alright’ and ‘Coming Home’. All through the performance Alan was coming forward on the stage to engage with the crowd who were joining in and singing along with the songs. The set ended with ‘Whatever it Takes’ & ‘I will Not Fall’. The Band left the stage but the crowd wanted more as the shouts became louder and louder. King King returned with a three song encore which was made up of ‘When My Winter Comes’, ‘Stranger To Love’ & ‘Let Love In’. Musically King King put on a fantastic performance tonight with a catalogue of songs from a decade of music. If you haven’t been to one of their gigs, you should, and if you haven’t listen to the music you’re  missing out!! Great gig guys and look forward to seeing you again.

(She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’

Fire in My Soul

One World

Waking Up

Rush Hour

A Long History of Love

You Stopped the Rain

Everything Will Be Alright

Coming Home (Rest Your Eyes)

Whatever It Takes To Survive

I Will Not Fall


When My Winter Comes

Stranger To Love

Let Love In

King King gig review with support from The Damn Truth – The Leadmill Sheffield.

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King King's UK Tour Starts February 10th with support from The Damn Truth.

King King are –
Alan Nimmo (vocals, guitar)
Stevie Nimmo (guitar)
Jonny Dyke (organ, piano)
Zander Greenshields (bass)
Andrew Scott (drums). 

King King gig review with support from The Damn Truth – The Leadmill Sheffield. @ Rock News. @ Rock News.

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