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Shadows of a Silhouette

What do you think about "Don't Tempt Me With A Good Time"?

Shadows of a silhouette is a band that me (Nathan brown) and  another fellow musician in the year above at sixth form Reece Carter. Reece was always passionate to be in a band and be Rock and roll. And I was 2 years or so into teaching myself guitar and song writing with my poetry and stuff, at this point I started recording my music and on SoundCloud Reece heard and approached me and I invited him to come make a song.
We had a lot of the same influences. The pair of us were similar in our attitudes and our passion for music.
We were both heavily influenced by awesomely creative and iconic music.
Artists like, Arctic Monkeys, the white stripes, the Beatles, Kasabian, the Rolling Stones, nirvana, queens of the Stone Age, the stone roses, David Bowie, And of course many more.
Yeah where we are from in Derbyshire, there are no young bands and rock and roll is something that was out of trend.
We recruited two of our friends and taught them to play our songs and their instruments to start with. And we in 6 months we had our first gig booked on a Wednesday in December with a mostly original set list, because we decided if we wanna be our own band we gotta play our own music. At first just local people loved our music. But it’s now gotten to the point where we can go to lots of further afield places and be recognised by our tattoos or the band name when mentioned.
This is most to the part of all the success we’ve had with live performances.
When we play, from a club to a pub the crowd erupts with our high energy, powerful and playfully aggressive rock music that’s better of and unique.
Ever seen people crowd surfing in your village or towns local? Probably not and that’s because you’ve not been to one of our gigs.
In the beginning after we started gigging often, we saved up enough money to get in a studio for three days where we recorded 8 songs.and we’ve been giggling by and recording like this ever since. We have a substantial presence on social media, mainly a lot of other local musicians look up to us and we support them. And even now in 2022 I’m only 20.
We will be playing Ynot festival amongst others for BBC introducing. As they have shown is a lot of support playing all our music and even having us in for a couple interviews and we were also a feature all week with live songs on BBC radio derby.
We’ve now gigged in Sheffield Nottingham Leeds and London many times and have never stopped releasing music. Even after replacing our drummer twice and bass player 3 times due to their ability and mainly commitment issues; this didn’t affect much as drums and bass are written by me. Being young the drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be a factor. So much so Reece with the pressure of uni drugs and the pandemic was section for a month. And music was I big delusion at that time. And I became a young father but Ben after all this we are still releasing producing and just as committed as ever.
We have our philosophy
We have our reasons
We have our ambitions but the music always come first. It’s what we love and it’s what we love about life.
We have 17 songs on multiple releases on Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms and new music coming soon and gig news.
Our name is so unique you wanna find anything just Google us we are at the top.
Unsigned, no manager not help. Our own money, everything’s off our own back. And we do all management sooner or later we need to get out there and need help with management.
Top songs
Don’t tempt me with a good time 12,562
Religion is a drug 8,455
Closing for good 8,084
Caviar lifestyle 5,664

Official band merch at Amazon.

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THORSLUND is a Canadian-American rock n’ roll band based in Hollywood, California. The band consists of Jeff Thorslund (vocals, guitar, bass guitar) and his brother Tom Thorslund (drums, backing vocals).

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, Jeff and Tom have been making music together since they were young teenagers escaping cold winters in their parents’ basement. On this latest project, Jeff’s songwriting cites influences rooted in the swing and swagger of 70’s rock n’ roll, with melodic elements of 90’s grunge, to create an exciting sound that is both fresh yet familiar.
Their new single, “Firecracker Man”, captures the explosive energy of the band’s live show, and announces the long-awaited return of rock n’ roll as a catalyst for uplifting good times on the dancefloor of life. The song was self-produced by the brothers and mixed by Nick DiDia (Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam). With their debut album slated for release early 2022, THORSLUND has come to make a bang!

What do you think about "Firecracker Man"


What do you think about "Hiding In the Shadows"

From Warrington, England, we find classic rock trio HAVOC51 who have a fabulous new nine track CD out now called ‘Bourbon Ramblings’ which runs in at just over forty minutes long and is the band’s debut release. Havoc51are: Steve Nixon – guitars and lead vocals, Antony Nixon – bass and backing vocals, and drummer Paul Smith.

As a kid guitarist and singer Steve Nixon had neighbours who had just got one of those record players that came in a suitcase and some 45’s. As soon as he heard the rawness of the tracks from Quo, Purple, Sabbath, and Zeppelin, the young musician knew that’s what he wanted to do. “I was spoiled with genius everywhere and burned through turntables learning it,” he says.

Drummer Paul Smith’s route was a little different. He grew up listening to anything from Adam and the Ants to The Who and Zeppelin. Always wanting to try drums he studied local bands as well as his heroes at the big festivals in the eighties and nineties. Paul then got his first chance at the age of eighteen buying his first drum kit, joined his first band and was gigging at nineteen and has built up a fantastic reputation since then.

Bassist Antony Nixon comes from a very musical family, so it was inevitable that he would play an instrument. Going from piano to guitar but never settled. On hearing ‘Hysteria’ by Muse he was hooked on bass and knew that was where his passion lies.

Paul brings his influence from the Bonham’s and Moon’s of this world and this just blends in to what we do completely,” he explains to me. Antony is very much into Chris Wolstenholme from Muse, and you can hear that clearly when the bass is prominent. “When he dug deeper into the bass you can hear touches of John Paul Jones in “Serenity” and “No Way”. Who knows the next album may have some Flea stylings or from something influenced the mighty Stu Hamm.”

All the guys in the band work very very hard and they are all family men so that takes a lot of their time up. “One thing that binds us is we are all massive Rugby League fans. Coming from Warrington it’s embedded in you from an early age, playing and watching. Antony progressed to the team’s academy. We have been very lucky in that we have built a relationship with the club and we were the first band to play live on the pitch to 15,000 two years ago. We still play there a couple of times a year for their beer festivals etc..,” he smiles.

Havoc51 came to fruition three years ago with Antony and Steve along with a different drummer who was the son of a friend. They did small shows throughout the UK but never really pushed things. The turning point was when the band entered the ‘Hard Rock Live’ competition and came second by one point in three hundred. That gave the lads the belief and confidence that the way they play and the strength of their song writing were good enough for the bigger stage and they then decided to push this as far as possible. “Sadly, that meant losing our original drummer and Paul has stepped in perfectly and we’re sounding fuller and tighter than ever,” says Nixon.

. The live shows are going really well for the chaps. “When we’re ‘self-sufficient’ which is when we turn up with our sound and our lighting etc., we invested in giving a great experience when you come to see us. Having said that we’ve concentrated on the smaller festivals this Summer and that’s a different experience entirely. It gives us focus on how to make the best use of our time slot and push ourselves to build our fan base. They can be a lot more fun when you have more space to go crazy and relax into it. We want to gain experience on these bigger stages and hone our craft. It’s an upward spiral to us, We do better, audiences react better, we feed off that and they feed off us,” he explains to me. ‘Bourbon Ramblings’ was recorded in the ‘Vaults’ studio Warrington between Christmas last year and April this year. It was produced and engineered by a guy called Mike Pilat who is not only a wizard behind the desk but an exceptional musician on drums, guitar, bass and vocally.
The band wanted something quite heavy sounding but still conveying subtlety of the musicianship. “We loved the stuff he’s recorded and his live sound with ‘Herod’ is immense,” says Nixon. “He’s brought out things in us musically and vocally that we didn’t think we had in us and has contributed to the arrangement on a couple of tracks.” The band’s main focus is to get the word out regarding ‘Bourbon Ramblings’, and to enjoy the festivals this Summer. “It’s likely that we put together a small UK based tour for the Autumn and re-group at the end of the year to plan our direction. We have a lot of music written and it maybe we will get that down in the Winter. There are plans to do a couple of videos for tracks on ‘Bourbon Ramblings’ and we have meetings planned with the production team to plan those out. Obviously, we want to do much more in the next year and we will be speaking to our contacts to do a lot more shows and bigger shows in 2019. The album has been picked up by a few European radio stations, particularly in France and Spain so we’d love to expand and convert more ‘havocaholics’ on the continent

•       Hard Rock Finalists
•       Headlined the Blood Bikes Festival in Manchester
•       Played to 15,000 at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington
•       Played dozens of pubs/clubs/beer festivals
•       Booked to tour the Great British Food Festivals – 6 venues throughout the UK

•       Headlined the “Chris Bridge Festival – Warrington
•       Headlined the West Houghton Summer Rock Festival
•       Picked up by Real XS Radio as a “Future Classic” band
•       Headlined the “Make some noise” Festival for Global radio

•       Played Phabstock on Llandudno beach
•       Headlined/played several local festivals
•       Recorded 50% of “Bourbon Ramblings

•       Returned to the Halliwell Jones a further two times
•       “Charmsfest” festival
•       “Glazefest” festival
•       Released Bourbon Ramblings
•       Picked up by radio stations in France & Spain
•       Video of “Bourbon Ramblings” released July
•       “Bullfest” in Standish
•       Headlines one of the Wigan Live” festivals Aug
•       “Glaston-bury BURY” Festival Aug
•       Lone Wolf MCC rally Staffs – Sept.

Andy Rethmeier

Andy Rethmeier, born `68 in Salzburg, Austria was starting out
with taking drum lessons when he was 7 y.o and was playing his
first show`s at the age of 13, with a local Austria`n folk group.
The very first rock-show was in 1983 with the Band “Splat”
in Hallein,Austria. Out of this show, Andy gets attention from
Salzburg based and local heroes heavy group “Speed Limit”, because
there drumchair was vacant, and he gets the job, and nationwide success.
After the band split in the early 90ies, Andy build his own band project
“Roadhouse” and was starting out as a freelancing, independent musician,
tour and recording drummer, record producer and finally singer-songwriter
till today.Theres a new 2013 Hardrockband-Project with “Slide” from Austria.
It`s a new Project on the way in 2016; LnL Jam Company more back to the Rock&Roll with original Songs.
The Band is ready for Shows in 2017
and the first Record-“Six Shots” was released in Sep.2017.
Theres new Audios on the Video Page
LnL Jam Bobby Ray Loftig: Guit.,Vox.(USA),
Bernhard Seidl: Guit.(Austria), Berny Huber. Bass (Austria), Andy Rethmeier: Drums (Austria)
In 2018, Andy`s AC/DC Tribute Song “Sin City” will be released in all online StoresJan.29.2018
2019 starts with an Rock Tribute Band
the Coverband “Steel City Riders” from Austria!
For 2020 Andy work as a Freelancer in Coverbands and Recording Sessions and released one
Album -Let there be drums and one single-The battle of giants
In 2021 Andy is working with the “The Saloon 5” and released Solo one album (Braintrain Stations) and two singles (Braintrain-Don`t stop dancing, to remember)
In late summer Andy joins two new Bands: RocknRoll with “The Blue Danube Gang” and an Country Outfit: “50% Country Trash” doing Live Shows in Austria.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World

What do you think about Keep On Rockin In The Free World?

MK Mike kremastoules

At the age of 14, the young MK (A.K.A Mike Kremastoules) received his first guitar as a Christmas present from his Grandma  A life changing event that first triggered his life long passion and dedication for making music. After heavily immersing himself under the influences of innovators such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Brian May, Mick Ronson and Be-Bop Deluxe’s Bill Nelson – the self-taught MK later progressed on to achieve a wealth of experience performing and recording with a variety of UK wide blues & rock bands. The Leeds (UK) born and bred MK is particularly renowned for his tenure as the lead guitarist with early 80’s NWOBHM outfit ‘Ded Ringer’ (Neat Records).  Despite being an accomplished musician adept at fret-board wizardry and histrionics, MK’s approach to guitar playing is melodious, soulful, embedded with feeling and aspires to take listeners on an emotional journey.

The Coronavirus Lockdown in 2020 was an inspirational time for MK.. A period that ignited the commitment of writing and releasing material as a solo artist. He called this his own personal ‘Calling’. His soul’s urge was to instinctively use this time to create music as a solo artist, for the very first time ever. The result of the isolation and flowing creativity soon produced an accumulation of instrumental songs that form his debut album. A full body of work that reflects MK’s own rich diversity in playing styles such as blues, classic rock, heavy metal and progressive rock etc. whilst offering hints of Eastern European flavours inspired by his own Greek descendants. Co-produced by close friend, session musician and former band mate Dave Johnson of Spellsound Studios – each track on ‘Calling’ has been shaped to have it’s own unique voice, personal meaning and character.  More news about the official release will be unveiled in coming months.

‘Butterfly’ with its underlying theme of hope for new beginnings at the start of a romantic relationship is available on digital platforms from 10th Dec 2021


Apple Music:

Connect with MK at:



What do you think about Butterfly?

La Nube

La Nube is made up of four self-taught boys, Tarsi from Albacete, Javi Herrera from Vitoria, Javi Alonso from Illescas and Dani from Valencia, friends for many years.  We have been composing and rehearsing in a studio in Illescas for about two years.  Seven of our songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and other music platforms.  Almost everything is done with our resources, the recording and production with some help from our friends of OH Records.

Me viene faltando

What do you think about Me viene faltando?

The Virgin

The Virgin project was born in 2016. The band’s escalation is unstoppable and includes numerous live shows, including opening for Litfiba’s ‘Eutòpia Tour’ in Vallagarina

In 2018, when the band’s line-up was finally stable, the chemistry between the members increased and the time came to dedicate themselves to something new and stimulating: an unreleased album

The band is trying to carry out this project in a rather atypical way; in fact, they are independently responsible for the entire process of writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering the songs, filming, editing and animating the video clips, as well as promoting the upcoming songs

The first single ‘The Bitch’ is released in June 2019 along with an articulate video clip: Francesca Nave plays a career woman none of us would ever want to deal with.

In August of the same year, it was time for ‘You Made My Day’, a musical celebration of the friendship that is gradually developing between the musicians, their families and friends

April 2020 saw the release of ‘Phone Call’, a heart-wrenching ballad inspired by a phone message left for a band member. The videoclip is entirely drawn on paper and animated by computer, with the band only appearing in the flesh at the end

The harsh 2020 lockdown failed to stop the writing of the fourth single, although it forced the band to continue production remotely, and provided new insights into the completion of the single. ‘Running from Myself’ will be released in September 2020 with a new video clip, and is about the difficult period of quarantine at home

At the end of 2020, at a time when any social gathering and therefore any live performance is forbidden, The Virgin are one of the first bands to perform in a streaming concert. They set up an audio-visual control room in their rehearsal room to broadcast a live Facebook show lasting an hour and a half, gluing hundreds of people to the screen with their ‘Christmas Concert’

The health situation that drastically limits the live appearances of The Virgin provides a new inspiration for the title of the album, which will be released at the end of 2021: ‘Sick and Tired’. A title between truth and irony that fits perfectly with the band’s situation.

The Bitch

What do you think about The Bitch?

Metal Shack

Metal Shack was born from the frustration and lockdown of COVID. Based in the UK the one man band of Kev Harte decided to put down some tracks inspired by his love of classic metal mixed with thrash and death grooves of the mighty Europeans of the modern metal age. Riffs ,solos and aggression all wrapped
 in some dark melody.
Enjoy the Shack! This video is age restricted so you will have to open it in YouTube and be logged in to view it.


What do you think about EIBON?


The band Einschlog was formed in 2012 under their first original name Franz Josef I. When they released their debut album Guts & Glory the name was changed to Einschlog. The band members are  Denis Ilješ on vocal and bass, Marjan Kovačič on guitar and drummer Timo Kosi.

 The last to join the band was Timo on drums in 2018 after several previous changes of drummers through the years. Vocalist Denis started to play the bass at the same time. After years of touring the Slovenian and foreign stages of clubs and underground scene they finally decided it was time for a debut album, which will present the bands original songs.

 Their role models have been bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Venom, Kraftwerk and Kiss, so it is no coincidence that we hear all these influences in their music. However they tried to add something special and unique to the mix of all that so we can feel a strong feeling of melancholy and darkness.

 The music was composed by guitarist Marjan, the lyrics written by vocalist Denis and all the songs were arranged by the whole band. Guts & Glory was produced by Tilen Sapač from Homeland Production studio. For all those who like a good daily dose of metal and hard rock combination, where they can hear unique guitar solos, heavy drumming and raw vocals, this album will definitely be worth your while.

Guts & Glory

What do you think about Guts & Glory?

Gone Savage

We would describe our music as Rock with a modern melodic feel, together with a hard edge and tight under belly! All tracks are accompanied by soaring melodies and up to 4part harmonies. The touring line-up consists of Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar and Lead Vocal, with all members singing backing vocals. Live sets incorporate audio and visual effects to supplement the live audio.

LIVE – Previous performances included Stage2 at HRH AOR6, which was met with great enthusiasm from both the people attending and the gathered media. We were also invited to perform an acoustic set for VIP’s and press on the same weekend. Other dates will be added once the pre-production for singles and album are out of the way.

LOCATION – Based in and around Manchester UK, our current fan base is predominately North West England / North Wales.

INTEREST – In the UK we have quite a loyal following within the rock record company / journalist community, with the likes of Hard Rock Hell, AOR Underground, Powerplay Magazine, Classic rock radio, Steelheart records Italy and many others taking a genuine interest in what we do and where we are taking this project.

RADIO – We are currently on rotation on over 100 national and internet stations globally. We have been invited in for acoustic live sessions, on air interviews and have several live audio / videos of our acoustic versions which are available by request. Also we are able to do specific radio ID’s and tags for you.

RELEASES – Friday 1st November 2019 marked the start of a new era for Gone Savage with the release of a new track BULLETPROOF and accompanying Lyric video. The follow up single, ‘LOUDER THAN THE SUN’ was released on February 7th 2020 and as part of special re-release, Love Caught Me Out has been fully redone and remastered with Will Glover back on lead vocals and dropped on the 25th September 2020 as our last single! The debut album, PastLife will hopefully drop early 2022 and we will update you all on its progress as we work on its release!

The band has a long history and has been around since the early nineties. Previous contributors included Vinny Burns ( Dare) James Marsh (Resurrection EP – lead and rhythm guitars and lead vocals) and Andy Halliwell (Sweet Sin) together with the original drummer James Ross (Also Ex Dare). Currently the band line up is Ian Salpekar and Will Glover with guests musicians brought in to cover live work. All writing and production is done in house by Will and Ian.

Love Caught Me Out

What do you think about Love Caught Me Out?

Iron Rain

Iron Rain are musicians, composers, writers, and video makers. Although the core band is 2 members, they collaborate with singers and drummers around the world. Iron Rain is influenced by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rush, Yes, and Genesis…which makes their music an interesting explosion for your mind.

Song Black Cat feat. Lex Thunder
Iron Rain are musicians, composers, writers, and video makers. Although the core band is 2 members, they collaborate with singers and drummers around the world. Iron Rain is influenced by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rush, Yes, and Genesis…which makes their music an interesting explosion for your mind.

New Rock band showcase

What do you think about Black Cat?

Band – Bang2Rightz

Song – Right Now
Bang2Rightz are a 5 piece band based in Bolton and Preston. Formed in 2018. Prior to lockdown we covered the likes of Dio Dokken Europe Tyketto Sabbath etc playing in pubs and supporting bands at larger venues.
Due to lockdown we decided that it would be timely to have a go at writing some original material to keep the band musically stimulated.

Our first track “Righ Now” was recorded in a home studio, it was well received so we made the desicion to record our second song “Let Me Be Free” in a professional studio. We are really pleased with the result.

Hope you like it.

New Rock band showcase

What do you think about Right Now?

Band – Crashed out

Song – Hebburn Town
About a football club called Hebburn Town who won the Vase cup in 2021

New Rock band showcase

What do you think about Hebburn Town?
New Rock band showcase. @ Rock News.

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