K.Flay Outside Voices Review.

K.Flay Outside Voices Review. Recently we at Rock News received an advance copy of ‘Outside Voices’ by K.Flay. The album kicks off with ‘Nothing Can Kill Us,’ a light-hearted romp through missing someone’s memory & the person wishing that they would have known that the last time they saw the song’s subject would be the last time. The lyrics are highly relatable to this author currently. I’m pretty sure we’d all do things differently if we could predict the last time we’d ever see a loved one, go back to that time period, & do things differently the second go round.

Next, K.Flay takes us through the feels that online perils can inspire in ‘I’m Afraid of The Internet.’ This song is another jaunty bop that describes strange internet stories & our possible equally strange reactions to them when we are experiencing any of the 5 stages of grief. I am digging the fact that there is so much depth to this song in touching on the human condition of reacting to something so seemingly vague & taking a complete left turn through experiencing that post (or event) through the eyes of grief.

Our next stop on the ‘Outside Voices’ journey brings us to ‘Maybe There’s A Way.’ This one kind of reminds me of sitting in my room contemplating life after trying to pick myself up & move on…but only with a late 70s/early 80s movie montage vibe. You can feel that K.Flay is emitting feelings of going through the motions in this song. You’re not quite okay, but you’re not quite on top of the world yet either. Your just there.

This segues us to ‘Weirdo,’ which brings in some nice heavy guitar & synth riffs in with light-hearted melodies intertwined. In it K.Flay admits that there is joy in being a “weirdo,” & then readily admits that there are no apologies in being strange & different. Definitely a song that many of us out there can find solace in getting behind.

The final stop on the ‘Outside Voices’ journey brings us to ‘Caramel And Symphonies.’ There are ethereal transitions in this track that K.Flay waxes poetic over trying to get through to some that they want them to be the one, but it’s just not landing. All they can do is imagine their love & then ultimately give up when their needs aren’t being heard or met. All this happens over an airy tone with accents of heavy pockets of synth. 

All in all my perception of Outside Voices is that it differed from K.Flay’s tendency to have hard driving tracks. This particular EP gives the listener a peak into K.Flay’s softer side through navigating raw emotions & everyday life while unapologetically being one’s self in correlation with experiencing different levels of loss in one way or another. 

You can check out ‘Outside Voices’ (available now) & everything else K.Flay at the links below.

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K.Flay Outside Voices Review.

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K.Flay Outside Voices Review. @ Rock News.
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