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Hypothecs gig review.

Hypothecs a little known band hailing from Bristol are playing a press gig at The Megaro Hotel just a stones throw from kings Cross this evening… A four very young, but very capable piece start there set as the last band of night.

From the very start they charge in with mayhem and energy. There not treating it as if to sell themselves, they don’t need to as and I’m already buying it. A mix of hip hop and punk. These guys have everyone’s attention with unapologetic swagger. The front man (George) plays the hard edged spoken vibe and the guitarist (insert name) sings backing vocals which compliments each other perfectly. In my mind they’ve got a Sleaford mods influence in there, but it’s definitely not a rip off.

I have no idea what the song titles are for this set and I’ve never ever heard of them before, but impossible to forget now! They have power, passion and melody aplenty. I think they will gain traction and a large fan base as they go. I’m later informed they haven’t been a band for that long and they are still very young ( members are around 19yrs old) I’ll say this… if they are playing local to you, go out and check them out.

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Hypothecs gig review. @ Rock News.

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