Franky Perez gig review and New single release.

Franky Perez gig review. Tonight’s gig is at The Megaro Hotel, a very nice boutique hotel at Kings Cross, London. We are here for Franky Perez’s Last Man Records showcase.  

I first came across Franky as the singer with the supergroup Deadland Ritual, the single was getting a lot of airplay on Planet Rock so when they played Download I had to go. Anyone knows if you are going to a festival you have to make choices, you can’t see every band. I had Deadland Ritual scheduled followed by The Interrupters. To make The Interrupters we would have to cut off 10 minutes of the Deadland Ritual set.  

After watching the first song it became quite apparent that this was never going to happen. Franky is the perfect frontman with a great voice and stage presence that you rarely see. We stayed until the end and to this day it’s one of the best live bands I have seen. With this in mind when the opportunity came up to see Franky’s new solo album launch, I jumped at it.  

Now I have to say I have seen hundreds of gigs over the years but without a word of exaggeration seeing Franky Perez live was one of the best performances I have ever seen, his vocals are so on point and delivered effortlessly. His band is incredible from the guitarist to the horn section. See the video below of Franky covering the Motown classic (I Know) I’m Losing You. Franky will be soon doing some live dates, if you are a music fan please do not miss the opportunity to see Franky Perez live.  

Franky releases his new single today, the title track from The Great Divide, see the video below. 

Franky’s album, ‘Crossing the Great Divide,’ will be released in Spring 2022 by Black Sea Music, who say, “We’re excited for this album and to share in Franky’s vision that music has the power to heal and unite.” No wonder, as the album has been described as “beautiful, inspiring and very timely” and contains some of the most inspirational and deep-felt songs of Franky’s career. The notion of the great divide will resonate with many, especially after the difficult, challenging and often divisive times the world has gone through in the past few years.

“The great divide, as it pertains to this album and song, is anything that pulls humanity apart,” says Franky. “Like the rest of the world, I felt isolated and uncertain during the pandemic and the political climate. This song was a direct reflection of the way I felt in that moment. I know it may sound corny, but I believe it wholeheartedly: The only thing that can heal us is love.”

Franky felt the need to help bridge and heal the rifts and wounds, so he set out on a journey crossing the United States on his motorcycle and filming what would become the documentary titled ‘Crossing the Great Divide.’ He performed intimate acoustic shows for frontline healthcare workers and residents at nursing homes and other facilities from Miami to California and traded stories with fellow musicians and entertainers like the Soul Rebels, LP, Randy Travis, Billy Gibbons and Bill Burr. It was a journey of service, purpose, and ultimately self-discovery. Franky’s new album, a companion to the film, was inspired by this experience.

“While we were all safely at home frustrated about our interrupted lives, there were selfless people laying THEIRS on the line for us and our loved ones. I just wanted to show them my appreciation the best way I knew how: a song and a thank-you.

“This trip, with just a motorcycle and a guitar, really grounded me as a performer,” he reflects, “The lights, stage and distance were gone. I was there to not just entertain, but to connect on a deeply personal level. These small shows were some of the most moving and important of my career.”

The Great Divide single can now be streamed/download on all digital platforms

Franky Perez gig review and New single release.Franky Perez gig review and New single release.

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Franky Perez gig review. @ Rock News.

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