‘One Of A Kind’ the new single from Nave & the Ghost Collectors, out now.

‘One Of A Kind’ the new single from Nave & the Ghost Collectors. If this is an introduction to Nave & the Ghost Collectors you are in for a treat, this new band are bringing that classic blues sound back. The new track ‘One Of A Kind’ sounds like it could be recorded by Robert Johnson, the difference is, this a Norwegian take on the blues. Unfortunately there’s no video for the new track but you can listen on Spotify etc, links below. To give you a taste, here’s the video for Possess you.

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‘One Of A Kind’ is has an energetic in feel and built on a party-funk-soul-blues-vibe, channelling the feeling of longing and craving for love from another.

“It’s a fun indie rock blues song telling the story of wanting something you can’t have and wishfully hoping that one day things will change. The song was recorded live in the studio in just three takes. We are so happy with the result as we feel it really captures the emotion of the song.”

Nave & the Ghost Collectors are an explosive new band on the indie rock scene, hailing from Bergen, Norway. The band takes inspiration from several musical worlds; navigating the powerful rhythms of rock, soul, funk, hints of blues, and combining all of these to make their signature sound. They draw inspiration from everything: The questions on climate change, science, space, politics, relationships, and love.

This track is their latest offering from their recent self-titled album which the band will be touring across Europe in 2022.

You can check out even more from Nave & the Ghost Collectors here.


‘One Of A Kind’ the new single from Nave & the Ghost Collectors, out now. @ Rock News.

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