Indya Interview – Roctavia Rose chats to Laudez Rose.

Tonight I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Laudez Rose, also known as Indya. It never ceases to amaze me at how some pure & simple, down to earth, great conversation with a fellow musician can really make time just zoom right by. In this episode, we are introduced to Indya and all of her musical inspirations as well as her aspirations. 

Indya honors us with the story of how her first major gig was spent opening for a very well known name in the music industry. On top of that, she also enlightens us with a story about her connection to one of the Gallagher brothers. Interestingly, the two of us found common ground upon uncovering our trials & tribulations as guitarists, the real inspiration behind her new single ‘Love Like Champagne,’ & we even covered what drives the real life magic that goes into Indya’s art. 

Join us in getting to know up and coming artist Laudez Rose as Indya while we dive deep into topics of uplifting qualities & empowerment. Through our short time together I found that Laudez Rose seems to radiate a very kind & positive energy & she was definitely a joy to interview. So come along as we uncover Indya’s dreams of giging at the Taj Mahal through our exploration of what methods she uses to wrangle her absolutely beautiful musical dreams into the realm of the real world. 

Indya Interview – Roctavia Rose chats to Laudez Rose.

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Love & Rockets ~ Roctavia
Indya Interview – Roctavia Rose chats to Laudez Rose.. @ Rock News.

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