Stratejacket sign with EDGEOUT Records

Northern California alternative pop-punk trio Stratejacket sign with EDGEOUT Records — Jackson Roemers (lead vocals/guitar, 22), Fabian Angel (vocals/bass, 21) and Nate Mangold (drums, 20) —are excited to announce their singing with EDGEOUT Records.

Stratejacket sign with EDGEOUT Records

“Stratejacket has an original punk, pop-rock sound that pulls familiar vibes from the past with a current day unique spin,” added Cheryl Benson-Guanci, EDGEOUT co-founder and head of Artist Development/A&R. “We are excited to partner with these young artists to bring out the best of their musical talents.“

What started as a blues-rock revival project in the garage of a friend’s house in Sunnyvale, CA, in mid-2019 soon turned into the passion project of three talented young men. The first iteration of the current band played their first show in the famed Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA

Amongst the punks and surf heads of Santa Cruz, lead singer/guitarist Jackson Roemers came together with bassist/vocalist Fabian Angel to begin a new project with a new name and uniquely familiar sound, officially creating Stratejacket. With this raw, rebellious sound came new ambitions and a drummer to match in Nate Mangold who joined the band in 2020. 

Stratejacket have established themselves as an alternative pop-punk rock trio who draw inspiration from classic rock to Nineties and Noughties punk. Their intense energy can only be conveyed as youth everlasting, of which their music bursts at the seams with. 

“We’re stoked for the opportunity of working with EDGEOUT and UMG,” says Roemers. “All three of us are firing on all cylinders for the first time, and we’re making the best music we’ve made thus far. We have no idea where we’re headed but we’re traveling this road together and are very very excited for what is to come.”

Stratejacket sign with EDGEOUT Records @ Rock News.

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