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Wayward Sons Interview – Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson.

UK rockers Wayward Sons are preparing to unleash their third album “Even Up The Score” on the 8th October. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Toby Jepson, who is a singer and songwriter. Toby was lead vocalist and guitarist in the British rock band Little Angels between 1984 and 1994 & between 2008 and 2015, he was the lead singer with Scottish rock band Gun.

Wayward Sons Interview – Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson.

Jepson has toured & rubbed shoulders with the likes of Motörhead, Deep Purple, Dio, Megadeath, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, & Van Halen. Jepson is also a music producer as well as a highly respected Planet Rock presenter.

In this chat session, Jepson & I dove into topics such as the foundations of his musical journey & what inspired him to take the path that he did. We ended up talking so long about foundations of music that we almost didn’t get to any of Jepson’s current projects! It was an amazing chat full of political passions, view points that came from the heart, & my goofy self felt so inspired & guided by the antidotes that Jepson had for us all, that I almost asked him if he had any pointers for my own personal battles with stage fright…but I held back. It really felt like I was not only learning about Jepson’s musical passions, but it also truly felt like a mentoring guide session for any and all up and coming musicians. Jepson really knows his stuff & you can tell that he has weathered the storm of many diverse musical horizons through even just the brief 50 minute chat session that we had.

When we started to touch base on Jepson’s band, I found out that even his group’s title (Wayward Sons) was inspired by a musical experience. Jepson sites musical inspiration from everyone to Cat Stevens, Kansas, to Detroit rock & anything that stirred emotion as the inspiration for his creative processes. Yet again, the importance of diversifying musical consumption became a strong theme in this Rock News session. Wayward Sons has most recently released a new single called “Faith In Fools” (the inspiration for the segue into the  political sector of our conversation) which is a precursor to the upcoming album that they will be releasing this October. You can check out all of the wonderful topics that Jepson & I cover, as well as discover everything Wayward Sons,  in the links provided below.

Wayward Sons Interview – Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson.

Even Up The Score Tracklist:
Even Up The Score
Big Day
Sign Of The Times
Bloody Typical
Faith In Fools
Tip Of My Tongue
Looking For A Reason
Land Of The Blind
They Know
This Party’s Over

Toby Jepson – Vocals, Guitars
Sam Wood – Guitars
Nic Wastell – Bass
Philip Martini – Drums and Percussion

New Wayward Sons single coming Friday
The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be at Amazon
New Wayward Sons single coming Friday
Ghosts Of Yet To Come at Amazon
Wayward Sons Interview - Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson.

Wayward Sons Interview – Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson.

Love & Rockets ~ Roctavia
Wayward Sons Interview – Roctavia chats with Toby Jepson. @ Rock News.

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