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Cats in Space Interview – Roctavia chats with Greg Hart.

Recently I got the chance to chat with lead guitarist Greg Heart of Cats In Space. Cats In Space is a British rock band formed in Horsham, West Sussex in 2015 by guitarist Greg Hart and drummer Steevi Bacon. Greg goes into how the band initially formed in our interview but after it’s conception, vocalist Paul Manzi, keyboardist Andy Stewart, bassist Jeff Brown and second guitarist Dean Howard were recruited to complete the official lineup. In 2019, vocalist Paul Manzi left the band to join The Sweet after the first half of ‘The Narnia Tour’. The bands most recent vocalist, Mark Pascall, has most currently been replaced by Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds stage show vocalist Damien Edwards.

Cats in Space Interview – Roctavia chats with Greg Hart.

I honestly couldn’t keep from smiling in this interview with thinking about how I was chatting with someone who has seen the sun rise on so much magnificent rock ‘n’ roll. Cats In Space not only have a pretty cool name, but they have a sound much like that of one of my favorite bands, Queen. Needless to say, I definitely had the feeling that this was going to be a fun interview.

Greg was a champion sport at fielding all of my questions & we seemed to get on pretty well. Despite the gap in our generations, we were raised on a lot of the same ideals, musical heroes, & musical views. One of my favorite topics was when we covered standing out & being different while maintaining being true to yourself. Yet again, even though this conversation was the first interaction either of us had with each other, the interview felt like more of a chat between two friends. 

I had an absolute blast talking to Greg but I don’t want to give it all away! You can check out Greg & myself cover topics such as the inspirational power of Brian May (& his hair) & Queen, Sweet, Deep Purple, gigging, the power of cartoons, aliens, & so much more in the linked interview. Also check out everything Cats In Space at the links below. Cheers!

Cats in Space Interview – Roctavia chats with Greg Hart.

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Love & Rockets ~ Roctavia
Cats in Space Interview – Roctavia chats with Greg Hart.. @ Rock News.

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