What’s the best Wildhearts album of all time? Cast your vote.

What’s the best Wildhearts album of all time, well it’s tough one but we are going to find out once and for all. It’s time to cast your vote. We don’t usually include live albums but the Wildhearts have some classic’s so we had to leave them in. Not so long ago we were lucky enough to get an Interview with Ginger, take a look here.

What’s your favourite Wildhearts memory? Share your story below.

What’s the best Wildhearts album of all time

What's the best The Wildhearts Album

Renaissance Men – A brief History of The Wildhearts

As they say on The Goldbergs it was 1980 something and Ginger had just been sacked from the Quireboys. The first Wildhearts album Earth vs the Wildhearts was released in 1993. This has now become a classic with many fan favourites such as TV Tan and Caffeine Bomb. The band became know for their live performances and soon gained a loyal fan base.

The Wildhearts can best be described as turbulent at best, but they keep going and the fans still love them. In 2019 the band came back in spectacular fashion with Renaissance Men, one of the bands most successful albums ever. This year we are all looking forward to a new album 21st Century Love Songs, to be released in September.

For more on The Wildhearts history take a look here.

What’s the best Wildhearts album of all time? @ Rock News.

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