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An Interview with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts.

Roctavia Rose here with an extra special interview of which I have a feeling you’re all going to really love. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts. After a few tech gremlins were shooed away we got down to brass tacks (sans video on Adam’s end of things). Fret ye not my Lovelies, the content here was some of the most down to earth to date. This was definitely an interview that at times felt like a chat between two friends, & filled our scheduled half hour time slot with a truckload of warmth & insight into the world of Adam Slack.

During our chat with Adam, we were honored with the understandably PG version of the blessings & curses of tour life, life away from that life, and we were even graced with a few moments of a Kelsy Karter cameo. Adam spoke to us about the covers project that he and Kelsy collaborated on & teased some secretive future projects that they are working on at the moment. He was very professionally mum about all of the delicious surprises to come…but did however mention a meetup with frontman Luke Spiller in the coming days, so one can only imagine. He definitely expertly left us with our minds to wander with delightful anticipation.

In this interview Adam & I touched on the multiple pandemic creative projects of The Struts, as well as many points of inspiration and encouragement that molded Adam into the guitar player that he has become today. Recently I’ve come to notice that The Struts always seem to have something interesting up their sleeves. Whether it be an album that was produced in 10 Days, during a pandemic, that gained a #11 chart spot in the U.K. with the single “Strange Days” (a Robbie Williams collaboration), to one of their most recent singles “Low Key In Love” (a Paris Jackson collaboration). Not to mention Strange Days collabs with Tom Morello, Def Leppard, & Albert Hammond Jr., there’s never a dull moment with The Struts. If you don’t believe me (as I am writing this article) The Struts have just released their most recent single, a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” This newly available single was recorded as a bonus track on a previous Japanese album release of The Struts sophomore album Young and Dangerous, but recently made available on all digital audio platforms. There has also been a teaser that we just might be hearing this particular release on a commercial spot fairly soon.

On a more serious note, Adam was gracious enough to let down his guard a bit to open up about his advocacy for mental health awareness. This part of our conversation ended up making the interview that much more special as May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It was also a very sentimental interview on this interviewer’s end (my own personal fandom of this band definitely came to light) when we took a look back on the journey of the band over the past few years.

Interestingly enough, The Struts’ move to the U.S. has been majorly significant. It has been peppered with lots of highlights and accolades that they have experienced in their just under 6 years on American soil. Recently, The Struts’ debut single “Could Have Been Me” earned certified gold status. From opening for The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Foo Fighters, & being hailed as Dave Grohl’s favorite opening band by the man himself, The Struts are looking towards the horizon of gaining their own spot as an arena headliner. It is of no surprise that Adam is in high hopes that the future holds quite a few number one spots for the U.K. Rock quartet as well.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time chatting with Adam Slack. It was very lovely & bittersweet. I could go on for days, but I definitely recommend taking a look into our intimate chat in the link below instead. If you are luck enough to live in the U.K. you can catch Adam & Kelsy preforming at his annual Green Days gig on Friday, June 25th at The Hairy Dog. For even more great content, you can immerse yourself in all things new in the world of Adam Slack, Kelsy Karter, & The Struts through following the links below.


Mental Health Awareness

From Adam’s Instagram “Lockdown’s been horrible but also given me time to reflect over the last 6 years of touring and releasing albums. It’s been amazing. Feel so lucky to be able to call this a proper job. From being 13 and dreaming of being in a band to going on tour and seeing the world to actually bloody doing it, is insane. It’s also made me believe in myself more as a writer and as a person. Not to say it hasn’t had its struggles, but with every huge high there’s a huge low but I’m doing my best to make the lows a little higher. As someone who suffers from general anxiety disorder and OCD I think it’s good that we spread the awareness of mental health in these troubling times and try to focus on the positives each day and not the negatives.”

Mental Health resources


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An interview with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts.An interview with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts..An interview with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts...
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An interview with Adam Slack, Lead Guitarist of U.K. Glam Rock sensation The Struts. @ Rock News.

The Struts Band members
Luke Spiller – Lead vocals
Jed Elliot – Bass
Adam Slack – Guitar
Gethin Davis – Drums

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